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divorce mediation attorneys highland parkDivorce Mediation Attorneys in Highland Park, Illinois

Thinking about getting a divorce? The Expert Divorce Mediation Attorneys in Highland Park Make Divorce Peaceful and Easy

Divorce Mediation Attorney in Highland Park

Are you or someone you know facing a divorce? Making the transition from “married” to “divorced” doesn’t have to be hard. The divorce mediation attorneys Highland Park team at CEL and Associates can make it easier for you. Using mediation a couple can work together to agree on the terms of the divorce. It’s made possible with the help of a divorce mediation attorney who is an expert negotiator. They know how to remove the emotion, focus on the facts, and help you make decisions for your future. The result is a more affordable, more peaceful way to end a marriage.
The biggest challenge in a divorce is in setting the terms in the divorce agreement. Everyone has their own ideas about what is fair. The divorce mediation attorney helps couples agree on division of assets, financial matters, and visitation for the kids. Then the mediation team drafts the parenting agreement and the divorce agreement.
The real advantage of using mediation is that you get to make these decisions in a private setting. Everything you say is confidential. On the other hand, if a couple fights about their divorce in court, embarrasing details may be shared and become public record.
Finally, a judge make rule for a decision that doesn’t benefit you much. Whereas deciding together in mediation you both work together to create agreeable terms that are win/win.

Why A Divorce Mediation Attorney in Highland Park, Illinois Does

One of the great things of having a divorce mediation attorney involved in the mediation process is that they have added legal insights to draw from. Additionally they have the credentials to file the divorce in court for you should you wish.

What Else You Gain from Working With Divorce Mediation Attorneys

The great thing about the mediation process is that through participation you learn some key skills that will help you in post-divorce life. Couples learn how to communicate more effectively, listen, and work together to make decisions. The divorce mediation attorney also helps divorcing parents to think about the children first before doing things.

Reasons Why Highland Park Divorce Mediation Attorneys Make Divorce Easier

– Mediators help divorcing parents think about their kids before take actions
– Couples gain key communication skills to help them co-parent and cope post-divorce
– Assets, Money, Visitiation – All key issues are decided in a fair way that benefits everyone
– Divorcing people love the money they save using mediation versus paying big lawyer fees
– The divorce papers are created quickly and easily. Divorce is shorter from beginning to finish.

Let The Divorce Mediation Attorney Experts in Highland Park Illinois Help You

 CEL and Associates has a team of experts ready to help you prepare for divorce. Their professional divorce mediation attorneys and divorce mediators work as a neutral third party to facilitate a fair set of divorce agreements. Usually the divorce agreement can be drafted in just a few quick sessions. CEL and Associates is the divorce mediation attorney service that save couples money and helps them process the divorce simply and smoothly.
Ellen Barron Feldman of C.E.L. and Associates is Divorce Mediation Attorney. Brian James is a divorce mediator. Together they work as a team to offer divorce mediation services for couples.

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