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chicago divorce mediation service Chicago Divorce Mediation Service – A Smart Divorce Alternative

Unfortunately, the man or woman you thought you would be with forever was keeping secrets, found someone new, or maybe you just grew in different directions. At any rate, it is time to move on and end that union. You file for a divorce from your spouse, so what is next? Chicago divorce mediation professionals make the tough process of divorce less stressful.

Chicago Divorce Mediation Professionals Make the Process of Divorce Easier

Much like in other walks of life, a mediator can be brought in to help with the proceedings and avoid an expensive court trial. There can be legal representation at these meetings, but it is not necessary. A Chicago divorce attorney for these proceedings will likely cost you far less then an attorney for a trial, so you may want to look into that option. A massive benefit of going to mediation over going to court is that the proceedings are kept private. This makes mediation an especially good process to use if children are involved or close friends will be effected.

How the Process of Chicago Divorce Mediation Proceedings Works

If you choose to go this route, the mediator will likely give you and your spouse each a phone call to get to know each of you and also what issues need to be discussed. After this happens, the three of you (plus any legal representation) will meet in a neutral location, likely an office or conference room. From that point on, intelligent and meaningful conversation can begin. It is important to know specifics to help the mediator, such as the value of any items you own or any kids needs and schedules. The mediator will begin by asking simple questions, and proceed to the more difficult ones. The thought behind this process is that the smaller foothills need to be conquered before the mountaintop can be reached. Once everything has been worked out, the mediator or an attorney will draft an agreement which will be signed by both of the parties and put with the official divorce decree.

Myths about Chicago Divorce Mediation Service

Myth 1 — The woman is at a disadvantage

Not true at all, in fact, this could be seen as a method more advantageous to a woman than a man. The woman’s voice is more likely to be heard in a mediation room then it is in a more formal setting like a courtroom.

Myth 2 — Mediation will make the divorce take longer

False! In most every case, the mediation will speed up the process. All of the big issues will be worked out ahead of time, and it is easier to get a date with a mediator then it is to get into a courtroom.

Myth 3 — The Mediator decides

No he doesn’t… during Chicago divorce mediation, the spouses actually come up with the agreement. The mediator is just there to help facilitate the process. Everything that is signed and agreed upon will come from something that both spouses want or agree to do.

Chicago Divorce Mediation Service – Finding a Professional to Help

An attorney likely will suggest a mediator , but if you are not represented, I suggest you try the Google “divorce mediators” and you will find plenty of reputable divorce mediators in and around the Chicago area that would be happy to help with your divorce settlements.

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