Chicago Divorce Mediation

Looking for divorce mediation in Chicago?

If you are in need of Chicago Divorce Mediation, we can help. C.E.L. and Associates, Inc are experts in divorce mediation servicing the Chicago area. If your marriage is in trouble and you are looking for a more peaceful, affordable solution to divorce, mediation can help.

Chicago Divorce Mediation Alleviates the Usual Stress of Divorce

In a divorce, tension runs high. Fighting over money, the kids, and assets can be physically, emotionally, psychologically, and financially draining.

The divorce mediation process helps divorcing Chicago couples to resolve conflict and move through the divorce process more quickly and with less damaging emotional impact. Mediation helps you work out agreements that are best for the divorcing couple and their children.

With the help of a divorce mediator, you can cut thru the raw emotion, get to the heart of the issues and take steps forward towards a solution that works for both of you.

Benefits of Chicago divorce mediation:

  • put your children first in the divorce – resolve your divorce disputes amicably
  • setup visitation schedules that make both of you happy
  • determine an ongoing program for child support
  • divide your assets in a way that makes sense for everyone
  • look at the tax implications of your divorce
  • save thousands of dollars versus fighting it out in divorce court with lawyers
  • process you divorce more quickly so you can move on with your life

Chicago divorce mediation services work to help you keep the lines of communication open, brainstorm ideas, find empathy and assists you in your decision making process.

Introducing Chicago Divorce Mediation Services by CEL and Associates

chicago divorce mediationBrian James of C.E.L. and Associates, is a Chicago divorce mediation firm who has helped hundreds of Chicago area couples resolve their conflict and devise practical solutions that work for both individuals financially and meet your needs.

We look forward to showing you how Chicago divorce mediation can help you! For more information on divorce mediation, or to book an appointment, please contact Brian James at or call the # below today.

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