Cook County Divorce Mediation

Advantages of Cook County divorce mediation procedures over traditional litigation

As more and more divorcing couples get liberal regarding the options available at their disposal, there is a growing concern over the benefits of divorce mediation. Divorce mediation carries a number of merits over the traditional litigation methods and unless couples understand such, they could be left with the burden of handling children and post-divorce relations. Divorce mediation  eases the trouble and fosters faster recovery as highlighted below. Before you start court litigation procedures that can be costly and time consuming, reach out to a Cook County Divorce Mediation Firm who can make it a little easier.

It protects children from conflicts

cook county divorce mediationIf you follow the traditional litigation methods and happen to settle for custody trials, the children will have to be observed and interviewed by experts. If they are expected in court, the situation grows worse since the animosity between parents increases significantly. Children of divorce are unconsciously dragged into the verbal attack, tension and conflict, which causes confusion and long-lasting damage. In mediation, however, the divorcing couples work together towards a cooperative agreement, which sets the stage for a better relationship with the young ones, post divorce.

Choosing mediation translates to faster resolution of the conflicts so that you go on with your life within a short time. This not only allows you to work towards the comfort of the children but also spares them the emotional scars associated with litigation.

It brings privacy and confidentiality

Mediation sessions will only be attended by the divorcing couples and the mediator. Since all the negotiations will be handled under the comfort and privacy of the mediator’s office, there is no fear of personal information getting disclosed to the public unlike traditional litigation procedures which have no trace of privacy. Further, you will not be required to make court appearances. Ideally, the mediator is a neutral and trained professional who is there to help you reach an agreement.

It eases post divorce relations

Quite the reverse of adversarial traditional litigation processes, divorce mediation aims at improving the divorcing parties’ understanding. The result is an increased ability to communicate and handle some issues such as co-parenting together. It is especially important to emerge from the divorce with a willingness to communicate because you might get back to the mediator later on if conflicts arise. The mediator already understands the agreement that there is, and will therefore help you resolve conflicts as they arise. In essence, you separate with clarity of mind and reduced feelings of guilt. Though there is some pain, it is easier to settle knowing that there is no animosity with your spouse.

It is a less costly and more voluntary process

Unlike litigation which calls for both spouses to hire lawyers at a fee, mediation only requires one impartial mediator. It is definitely less costly to pay one mediator than two attorneys and besides, less time is taken to reach an agreement. Of significance, however, is the voluntary nature of the process. You have a chance of controlling the outcome and besides, there is a great opportunity of being heard. The mediation process allows both parties to speak and be heard. Everyone can elicit, explore and generate various options and at the end, a consensus is arrived at.

In summary, there are several merits that accrue from Cook County divorce mediation unlike traditional litigation processes. With a chance to speak and be heard in an informal setting, it is an opportunity to settle matters without pressure and benefit from issues such as co-parenting for a number of years.

Cook County Divorce Mediation Can Help You Settle Your Divorce More Easily and Less Expensively.