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Divorce Mediation Libertyville is Easier on Children.

High conflict divorces may lead to aggressive behavior in children. In addition to that, when parents fight, it induces the feeling of anxiousness, insecurity, and lack of confidence in children, as they can feel the stress and tension in their parents. Divorce can also harm the academic performance of children as well as damage their social skills. Child custody disputes can also have a negative impact over the life of children, affecting their relationship, views on marriage and children and their overall beliefs on the family unit.

Considering these effects, it is imperative for parents to opt for a method that can minimize the effect in the lives of their children. Over the years, divorce mediation has turned out to be a popular choice for couples who are seeking divorce. This process ensures quicker results, with less pain and damage typically caused by our court system.


How the Mediation Libertyville Process Works?

In mediation, an introduction is made to the process and its rules. A statement is asked from each one of the divorcing parties. The stories and the viewpoints of each side are presented. Sometimes, the parties then separate, and the mediator speaks to each of them in private. Since the stories could involve a lot of emotional things, the divorce mediator must take the necessary time to clarify the situation and discharge the negative emotions to keep the process moving forward.


Why Consider Using Divorce Mediators Versus Libertyville Divorce Lawyers?

Divorce is often messy, expensive and time consuming. Litigation is public, emotional and embarrassing. Libertyville Divorce Mediators help reduce the unnecessary drama while protecting the couple’s privacy. Divorce mediation also has the following other benefits over divorce litigation:

  • The Average Cost of Divorce Mediation Is Marginally Lower. Even for low-conflict divorces, litigation is quite expensive. Divorce mediation is the cheaper option.
  • Mediated Divorces Are Finalized Faster. On average, when people mediate their divorce, they can be divorced in less than six months. On the other hand, litigated divorces are on average finalized 12-18 months once they start.
  • With Mediated Divorce, the couple decides everything vs. ligation where a judge tells you what to do with your children and finances.


What Are the Steps in Mediation?

  • Introductory Remarks -The spouses meet their mediator for a briefing, goal setting and reflection.
    Statement of the Problem – Both spouses get time to tell their story.
  • Information Gathering / Problem Identification – The mediator asks questions to ascertain common goals and solvable issues.
  • Generating Options – The divorce mediator will develop options and potential solutions. The mediator may also hold private sessions with each spouse. The caucus is confidential and meant for faster resolution.
  • Divorce mediation works best for spouses eager to compromise and reach an agreement. Libertyville Divorce Mediators are neutral and cannot issue orders like a judge. The process is therefore at the mercy of the decision-making parties. Both parties in a Libertyville Divorce Mediation session must realize the need to cede certain grounds. The sessions must also remain comfortable and safe to all. Divorce mediation may fail to work if there are issues of intimidation, abuse, violence, major fighting, substance abuse and alcoholism. It may also fail if one partner declines invitations to negotiate.