Low Cost Divorce McHenry County

What Low Cost Divorce McHenry County Options Are Available?

low cost divorce mchenry countyIf you are considering filing for divorce, it’s in the best interest of both the parties to get an amicable divorce by consulting reputable low cost divorce McHenry County mediators.

The term “divorce” typically refers to dissolution of marriage. It is a very serious legal step to be taken only after a considerable thought. If you are considering for a divorce proceeding you need to take note of some major considerations.

These divorce mediators are highly experienced and specialized in divorce cases and have practiced for past many years. This is why many couples are choosing to work with them for a quick and hassle-free divorce.

What is the divorce procedure?

Low cost Divorce McHenry County professionals opt for the Joint Simplified Dissolution of Marriage Procedure. The terms of this procedure are as follows:

  • Both the parties need to show that their marriage is breaking up due to irreconcilable differences which can never be resolved.
  • You and your spouse should live separately for at least 6 months before the divorce proceedings.
  • You need to be married less than 8 years. 90 days prior to the divorce, you and your spouse should live in the state.
  • No kids were born or adopted during the marriage and the wife is not pregnant now
  • The joint annual income should be less than $35,000
  • The total joint property annual value should be less than $10,000
  • You and your spouse wont claim any alimony
  • All the assets and tax returned must be shown and cleared by both the parties
  • Both the parties must sigh a written agreement regarding the division of the property if they do not have a pre-nuptial agreement

What are divorce mediators?

Is some cases couples may choose to work with a divorce mediator.  This is an experienced neutral third party who can negotiate to help the individuals co-create a divorce agreement and parenting agreement.

What is a parenting class?

The Divorce McHenry County court judges are very concerned for the welfare of kids after their parents’ divorce. Parenting Class is mandatory in McHenry County for the parents involved in divorce or post-divorce proceedings, where minor kids are involved.

Both the parents are involved in the parentage actions and are always ordered by the court to attend the program. Both the parties must agree with the parenting class and join the program by paying a small fee of only $60.

How is a simplified divorce can be carried out?

The Low Cost Divorce McHenry County encourages a simplified divorce proceeding without any hazard or cases. It does it most in out of court settlement. The divorce forms in these cases are used only if the parties qualify for the Joint Simplified Divorce proceeding.

There are 4 major forms involved in such cases. In all these 4 forms, you need to type all the necessary information in the ink. The forms should be filled out completely. The clerk office of McHenry County Circuit will add the case number on the Petition, Judgment, and Petition.

In most of the divorce proceedings, the case never goes to the court and is amicably settled in between the 2 parries. A lot of care is also taken regarding the welfare of the children after their parents’ divorce.

Thus, all the proceedings involved in the Divorce McHenry County are very simple and free of any issues. Every term and condition is clearly stated without any confusion. Therefore, it is the most cost-effective as well as hassle-free low cost divorce McHenry County proceeding.

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