How Does Family Mediation in Walworth County, Wisconsin Work?

Family mediation in Walworth County, Wisconsin is an informal, non-adversarial process that seeks to resolve a legal dispute between the parties.  The goal of family mediation in Walworth County, Wisconsin is to help the parties reach a mutually acceptable settlement of their claim so that they can avoid the courtroom.  Important things to keep in mind about this process include: 

Role of the Mediator 

A mediator is a neutral individual who is skilled in conflict resolution.  He or she does not have the authority to make a decision for the parties.  Instead, his or her job is to help the parties analyze ways to have their needs met by reaching creative solutions to their conflict.  The mediator can help the parties focus on what is best for the childand how he or she can help accomplish these goals.


Mediation often occurs in a conference room at the mediator’s office.  The parties are typically together in a controlled environment. However, the mediator may decide to separate the parties during the process so that they will each have time to talk to him or her honestly and openly without having to state this information in front of the other party.


If the parties reach an amicable agreement, this information is usually drafted into an agreement.  Often, parties involved in family mediation may already have a case pending.  There may be a divorce or child custody action.  The parties can usually present this mutual agreement to the court to be included in a court order.  Alternatively, the agreement can serve as an enforceable agreement between the parties.