Helpful Tips for Family Mediation in Chicago

Family mediation in Chicagoprovides an amicable alternative to a contentious court proceeding.  This method can successfully help resolve parenting responsibility issues and allows parents to create a parenting plan that is focused on the best interests of the child.  Some helpful ways to make the most of family mediation in Chicago.

Have a Plan for Emergencies

Most parents can come up with a consistent schedule regarding the regular exchange.  For example, the parents may alternate every week, the parents may divide weekdaysor the child may be in one home during the week and the other on the weekend.  However, there should also be a plan when an unanticipated situation arises, such as a medical emergency or a sudden change in plans so that one parent is not able to take parenting responsibility. Parents should provide complete contact information for each other in case an emergency arises.

Insist on Appropriate Communication

Parents may have a hard time putting aside their negative feelings toward each other immediately after a breakup.  However, it is important for parents to communicate appropriately, especially in front of the children.  Children should not be put in the middle of adult problems.  Additionally, they should not hear criticism about one parent from theother parent.

Develop a Plan for Transfers

One of the most contentious times is transferring the children from one parent to another.  There are ways to dial down the drama at these times.  A plan should be put in place that minimizes conflict and focuses on the best interests of the child.  Some alternative options include:

  • Transferring the children at a neutral location such as a police department or fast food restaurant
  • Picking up and dropping off the children at school so there is no interaction between the parents
  • Having a third party handle drop-offs or pick-ups