Issues that a Family Mediator in Chicago can Tackle

Experienced family mediators in Chicago can help resolve a variety of family law issues.  Some of the common legal problems that family mediators in Chicago tackle include:

Allocation of Parenting Responsibilities 

One of the most significant benefits of family mediation is the ability for the parties to reach their own agreement.  This allows them to avoid a negative result in court and increase the probability that they will have a resolution that makes them happy.  When parents help draft an agreement regarding parenting responsibilities and a parenting agreement, they are more likely to comply with it.


If a child or adult needs a guardian, family members may be able to work together to figure out what is best for the family.  Mediation is a confidential process that helps protect the privacy of the parties.  Litigation is a public process in which strangers or community members may hear the private details of family matters during guardianship proceedings.

Support Matters

Mediation can help sort out support matters, like child or spousal support.  A mediator can explain the legal basis for child or spousal support.  He or she can discuss with the parties their financial goals independently or together.  The parties can then try to establish a fair amount of support based on their needs and those of their family.


Mediation may be used in the adoption context.  Biological parents may wish to maintain some openness or possibly visitation.  Mediation can help the parties sort out these issues.  Parents can avoid the stress and uncertainty associated with litigation.