What Kinds of Solutions May Mediation Result in for Landlord/Tenant Disputes in Cook County, Illinois?

It is not uncommon for legal landlord/tenant disputes in Cook County, Illinois to arise.  The parties may have conflict regarding late rent payments, guests, upkeep, maintenance or other issues.  Mediation is an effective way for the parties to resolve this conflict in an amicable fashion.  Mediation can often help deliver creative solutions to resolve landlord/tenant disputes in Cook County, Illinois like:

Payment Plan

If the tenant is behind on rent, the landlord may agree to continue allowing the tenant to live in the residence if he or she agrees to a payment plan. The landlord may prefer this option if the tenant has usually paid rent on time and is a good tenant.  The landlord may prefer to work with the tenant instead of having to go through the expense and hassle of an eviction lawsuit.

Agreement to Repair

A tenant may have a problem with the unit because of a repair that has not been completed.  The landlord may feel that he or she is not responsible for fixing this repair because the lease agreement does not state the landlord is responsible or because the landlord believes the tenant actually caused the damage.  A landlord may agree to repair damage to prevent the tenant from moving elsewhere.

Reduction of Rent

In some instances, the landlord may agree to temporarily reduce rent.  He or she may discount the cost for the tenant to repair the property, or the landlord may allow a lower rent while the tenant suffers a temporary financial setback.

New Policies

The landlord and tenant may agree to modify their agreement based on the conflict.  The landlord may agree to provide the tenant with an accommodation.  These changes may help other tenants in the same complex.