Mediating Neighborhood Disputes in Walworth County, Wisconsin?

Neighborhood disputes in Walworth County, Wisconsin can arise from seemingly small problems, such as banter between neighbors, a party, a barking dog, leaves flying into a neighbor’s yard or other disagreements.  However, if these problems are not dealt with in a timely manner, they can often erode the relationship between neighbors and interfere with the peacefulness of returning home each day.  Individuals who choose to mediate their neighborhood disputes in Walworth County, Wisconsin often realize the following benefits:

Better Communication 

Parties involved in mediation are active participants in the process.  They work together with a skilled mediator who is trained in conflict resolution.  The mediator may teach the parties effective communication techniques.  He or she can also help the parties reframe their message so that the other party is more receptive to hearing it.  Parties engaged in this process

Cost Savings 

Neighbors who mediate their claims can avoid expensive and contentious litigation.  They can avoid hiring lawyers and court costs.  They can also avoid the hassle of having to miss work to go to meetings with attorneys and court.

Customized Solutions

In mediation, there is not a third party who is making a decision for the parties.  This allows them to get away from the typical framework of providing money damages to the injured party.  Neighborhood disputes can end with customized solutions such as trading off chores, splitting the costs of a repair, agreeing not to disturb the other neighbor or forming a neighborhood group to resolve problems.  The parties can tailor solutions to meet their needs.