Who Needs a Family Mediator in Chicago?

Family mediators in Chicago are tasked with helping family members reach an agreement regarding a legal case that will be formalized into a contract or order which will be binding on the parties. Family mediators in Chicago may be hired in a variety of cases.

Mediation is a process that is used by parties who have a legal dispute and do not agree on how to resolve it. Mediation may be used in cases involving contested divorce, child custody matters, visitation, spousal support, child support, guardianships for children or for adults and other family law matters. Almost any type of family law matter can be resolved through the process of mediation. The deciding factor of whether a particular case is appropriate for mediation is on the approach of the parties. If the parties are willing to participate in good faith and recognize the benefits of mediation, they may be able to resolve their legal dispute for much less money and more efficiently. When parties involved in a legal dispute use mediation, they are putting themselves in a position to make decisions themselves rather than waiting for a judge to impose his or her will on them. The parties work diligently toward an amicable resolution of their case with the help of an impartial mediator. At the end, the parties often have a satisfactory written agreement in place that they like because they helped create it.

Mediation also allows the parties to develop creative solutions to their legal problem. They are not bound by strict court rules or orders, so they can often be more flexible about what they agree to, provided it is legal and not too one-sided. This greater flexibility allows the parties to approach the process in a more productive manner where they view each other as partners rather than adversaries.