Resolving Neighborhood Disputes in Kenosha WI Peacefully

Neighborhoods disputes in Kenosha Wisconsin strike communities of all shapes and sizes.  They may impact residents that live in apartment buildings, condominium complexes, or subdivisions.  Should these disputes remain unresolved, the entire community may suffer.  Rather than risk feeling unwelcome in one’s own neighborhood, many communities have enjoyed the benefits of mediation.  Using mediation to resolve neighborhood disputes in Kenosha Wisconsin is affordable, effective, and often strengthens the relationships of those involved in a dispute.

During mediation, the individuals involved in a dispute meet with a third party neutral known as a mediator.  The mediator does not advocate for any party; rather, the mediator helps the parties create their own resolution to their disagreement.

Mediating neighborhood disputes allows each individual to be heard.  Often, many community members want to air their grievances, and, until mediation takes place, they have not had an opportunity to do so.  After explaining their positions, and understanding that their points will be considered while creating an agreement, most parties are much more likely to compromise.

Many neighborhood disputes end up in the courts, where the parties may have to wait several months for a resolution.  In addition, attorneys may be necessary, and legal fees may reach thousands of dollars.  Mediation resolves many disputes, even highly contested ones, in a matter of hours.  Additionally, the fees for mediation are typically much lower than seeking assistance through the courts, and these fees are usually divided among the parties.

Mediation also prepares the parties to face future disputes in a more constructive manner.  As mediation approaches, the parties’ goal is settlement, as opposed to arguing.  Mediation encourages the parties to meet in the middle and compromise.  The parties have a greater understanding of why each party feels a certain way, which strengthens their communication skills for the future.  When the next dispute arises, hopefully the parties have learned to communicate in a better way to alleviate conflict.