Using Marital Mediation in Milwaukee WI to Strengthen Your Marriage

If you have hit a rough patch in your marriage, you are not necessarily doomed to failure and headed for divorce.  There are a number of resources available to help you and your spouse strengthen your marriage and improve your relationship.  Many couples have used marital mediation in Milwaukee Wisconsin to improve their communication skills and become more mindful of each other’s needs.  As opposed to divorce mediation, which is scheduled at the end of a marriage, marital mediation in Milwaukee Wisconsin may be used by a couple to prevent their marriage from crumbling.

During marital mediation, a mediator will work with the parties to address their concerns and figure out how to resolve them.  A mediator helps the parties confront issues that they have not been able to effectively discuss together.  The mediator will ensure that discussions remain productive and civil so that the couple’s issues may be handled appropriately.

In mediation, each party often has the chance to speak without interruption.  This practice is especially beneficial for couples who have had trouble communicating, because they are forced to hear their partner’s frustrations.  The mediator facilitates open discussion, allowing each spouse to speak his or her piece before the other spouse may respond.  This simple method is often highly effective in strengthening communication skills.

Mediators often provide these couples with tools to resolve conflict on their own.  One effective method is to set a timer for two minutes to allow each person to speak without interruption.  If one party’s temper tends to quickly escalate, that party will be encouraged to count to ten before speaking, or perhaps to walk away until he or she has sufficiently cooled off.

Every marriage must face its challenges.  However, with effective communication skills, these challenges will bring the couple closer together, instead of causing a divide between them.