What Issues Does a Family Mediator in Chicago IL Address?

Family disputes are among the most emotional, difficult disagreements individuals may experience.  These disputes may potentially destroy familial relationships if they are not addressed in a calm, rational manner.  Rather than risk such devastating consequences, many families hire a family mediator in Chicago Illinois to help them work through their disagreements.  A family mediator in Chicago Illinois may help families with a number of disagreements, even those that typically are not addressed by Illinois family courts.

Family mediators often help parties with divorce issues and child custody considerations.  Family mediators may assist the parties draft a legal separation agreement as they prepare to divorce.  They may also assist parents with creating a parenting plan that addresses child custody and visitation, or they may help them modify an existing agreement from a previous divorce.  Family mediators are also available to help parents and children work out generational conflicts so that the family unit is strengthened and improves its communication skills.  Some family mediators even help families work out disputes that stem from the operation of a family business.

How does family mediation work? A third party, called a mediator, helps the parties create their own agreement.  As opposed to a family court judge, a mediator does not make any decisions for the parties.  Instead, the mediator helps the parties collaborate, discuss their differences, and create a solution that works for everyone.

When the parties battle each other in court, they rarely leave the courthouse on amicable terms.  Court focuses on which party should prevail in a dispute, which leads to lots of accusations as each party attempts to prove their own points and discredit those of the other party.  Because the goal of mediation is settlement, the parties’ relationship is preserved, which is especially beneficial for families.