When Co-Mediation Services in Chicago May Help Resolve Disputes

Co-mediation services in Chicago use two mediators instead of one who work together as a team to help the parties reach an amicable resolution of their legal dispute. This method can often help resolve a case more quickly and reduce the amount of time that parties wait to talk to the mediator during the process.  Additionally, multiple mediators can help approach the case from different d and bring different skills to the table.  Some situations that may benefit from co-mediation services in Chicago include:

Cases Involving Multiple Parties

Two mediators can be ideal when there are more than two parties involved in the dispute.  The mediators can divide and conquer.  One mediator may talk to one party while the other mediator shuttles between two parties, for example.  Having two mediators can allow for more individualized attention in these situations than if only one mediator was available to go back and forth between all of the parties.  This advantage allows participants to feel like they are being heard and respected throughout the process.

Complex Cases

Some mediation cases may be very complex, involving nuanced legal issues or multiple jurisdictions.  Mediators can take over different tasks during this process, such as one mediator taking notes while the other mediator asks detailed questions.

Expedited Cases

In some situations, the parties may not get along well together or the parties may be fixated on resolving the matter quickly.  In typical mediation, each party is relegated to a separate room and waits for the mediator to finish a private caucus with the other party before talking to him or her.  This often leads to wait time that can be distressing to the waiting party who may begin to feel impatient and may threaten to leave prematurely.  Co-mediation allows the mediators to keep both parties informed on the status of negotiations while working more quickly toward a resolution.