5 Self-Care Tips During Divorce Proceedings

The process of mediating a divorce can be intense for everyone in your family. According to Forbes, 58% of divorced couples report more conflict than ever. That’s why you need to practice self-care. Here are five tips for caring for yourself during this emotional process.

1. Create a Safe Space

A safe space can be physical or related to time. You may have a room in your home where no one else can go where you can lock the door, meditate, cry, read a book, and just be to yourself for a while. That safe space may be a certain period in a day. Give yourself an hour to go for a walk, not look at your phone, and give yourself time to think and reflect.

2. Allow Yourself to Feel

Mediating a divorce involves a range of emotions. You may feel anger, sadness, despair, or even a sense of failure. Allow yourself to feel these emotions and process them in your own way. You can write things down in your journal so you can reflect healthily. As you get through a divorce, you can look back through your journal and see how far you’ve come emotionally.

3. Find Some Humor

Humor can often be helpful mentally. When you laugh, your brain releases endorphins, which are the hormones released when you exercise. You can treat yourself to a local comedy show or go through your Netflix queue to rewatch some of your favorite comedies. Do you have a funny friend or family member you haven’t seen in a while? Set a lunch date and listen to some of their jokes!

4. Get Therapy

It’s more than okay to seek formal therapy. You may want to have a one-on-one session with a psychiatrist or try group therapy with other people also going through a divorce. If you have children, consider family counseling so everyone can process their emotions together.

5. Visit a Spa

Have you ever been to a local spa? If not, now’s the time to make your first appointment. Get a relaxing massage or aromatherapy facial. According to Healthline, just 15 minutes in a hot tub or sauna can help reduce inflammation and blood pressure.

Divorce is hard for any family. However, the right self-care can get you through this tough time. Good self-care starts with hiring a firm experienced in mediating a divorce. Contact C.E.L. & Associates Inc. at any time for a consultation to begin the divorce process and receive resources on how to cope.