Celebrities Take Advantage of Divorce Mediation to Avoid Painful and Costly Arguments –

When a high-profile couple chooses to end their marriage, it becomes front-page news. There isn’t a person in American unaware of the recent happenings in the Schwarzenegger-Shriver household: Shriver has left their marriage after 25 years and four children. Recently, the water has been muddied with the disclosure that Schwarzenegger fathered a child with the couple’s housekeeper. After such a betrayal, many in the media are prepared to cover a legal fight that will rival the War of the Roses. Fortunately for the family, divorce mediation offers a kinder, gentler alternative to court proceedings.
Out-of-Court Solutions, a Phoenix-based mediation firm, specializes in alternatives to divorce with adversarial lawyers. “Many high-profile couples have benefited from using mediation,” declares Oliver Ross, founder of the firm. “All of our mediators have a background in both law and psychology to assist couples and families in choosing the best legal, financial, and familial options that work for them.”
In fact, celebrity couples have been turning to divorce mediation more and more to dissolve their unions. Despite the very high-profile nature of their split, Tiger Woods and Elin Nordegren chose to utilize mediation in their separation. And in 2011, Troy and Rhonda Aikman announced their separation and have been handling the matter privately through mediation. Why?Mostly, it’s for the benefit of the children. “Loud and combative divorces destroy families, and in most cases, have negative consequences on the children for years. Couples who divorce using mediation usually move forward in a more positive manner, which is always better for the children,” says Ross.
While keeping the children out of the spotlight and maintaining a more positive and cooperative environment are major reasons to seek mediation as an alternative to court battles, couples will find they will also save a lot of money and time through mediation. Mediation is a collaborative and confidential process and can work for just about any couple.

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