Co Mediation Divorce Mediation – Twice the Help, Twice the Benefits

Co mediation divorce mediation is different from a typical mediation session which usually involves one mediator who shuttles back and forth between the parties with information and settlement offers.  Co mediation divorce mediation involves two mediators who help the parties reach an agreement.

Mediators are specially-trained individuals who guide parties toward resolution of a legal dispute.  They use conflict resolution skills to help identify the parties’ interests and think of ways to facilitate resolving issues.  In divorce mediation, the mediator may focus on one issue, such as child custody, child support, spousal support or property division.  Conversely, he or she may take a holistic approach and try to resolve all of the parties’ issues.  Parties benefit from mediation because they do not have to go through the time, expense and emotional turmoil of a trial.

In co mediation, two mediation professionals work together to help resolve the parties’ issues.  Rather than one mediator having to shuttle information back and forth, or meet with both parties together, a mediator may be assigned a particular party.  After talking individually with the party, each mediator can report back to the other mediator.  An advantage of this approach is that having two objective parties involved in the negotiation can help keep emotions in check.  More often, the mediators and parties are in the room together so that the parties are working on improving communication skills while they resolve specific issues. The mediators can discuss settlement options without the emotional weight that the party would attach to the discussion.

Another distinct advantage of co mediation is that it involves an additional, objective party with a unique skillset.  Each mediator has a different professional background and different strengths.  Honing in on these strengths can help the parties reach a better agreement.  Additionally, with two mediators involved, the parties can brainstorm ideas more effectively.  Mediators can assist by helping to identify issues required to be discusses and provisions that the parties might like added to their agreement.  This process allows the parties to reach a truly customized agreement based on their efforts and their mediators’ efforts.