Collaborative Divorce Highland Park

Collaborative divorce Highland Park and other Low Cost Divorce Options

collaborative divorce highland parkDivorce is often a difficult time for any couple or family. However, instead of taking the issue to court and battling each other aggressively, there’s another option – mediation – for couples to resolve their issues more amicably. Collaborative divorce Highland Park focuses on helping clients understand the available options when considering divorce. While divorce cases can be taken to court, mediation allows for a much more respectful and agreeable communication during the process. It focuses on building healthy relationships between couples who are seeking divorce.

What is Divorce Mediation?

This is an entirely voluntary process where parties to a divorce matter seek the services of a more neutral or objective third-party mediator, who represents neither of the parties in the proceeding, but remains neutral and provides objective guidance and helpful recommendations to help both parties settle their divorce. Attorney-mediator assistance allows both parties to work together or collaborate in a more amicable fashion, as the dispute resolution process fosters a fair, equitable or mutual agreement settlement of contentious issues such as spousal and child support, visitation, and property division.

Benefits of Divorce Mediation

While many couple seeking divorce often run to courts, collaborative divorce in Highland Park is a more productive and cost-effective alternative to litigation. By keeping your divorce case out of court, you’ll be keeping costs down and moving the entire divorce process forward at your (you and your partner) own pace because you don’t have to keep scheduling through the courts with your mediator. The result is a faster process to divorce, letting you move on quickly with your life as soon as you’re through with the process and start living by the resolution or win-win agreement reached during the mediation.

It is a much cheaper alternative compared to initiating a lawsuit against your former partner. In a typical mediation case, the parties to a divorce only pay one professional – the divorce mediator – to intervene and save the situation, rather than spending thousands of dollars on two separate attorneys.
Mediation is not only a low cost divorce option, but also a much faster resolution of separation and divorce. This is because parties don’t have to wait for separate sessions and meetings with their individual divorce lawyers, who have to meet on billable time.

With collaborative divorce, parties don’t have to wait for scheduled court dates, as they decide how they will schedule their own sessions, including how frequent the meetings will be.

How Divorce Mediation Helps Reduce the Cost of Divorce

Typically, a mediated divorce only costs about $5,000, which is significantly cheaper than a litigated divorce. If such a case is taken to court, the cost involved can sometimes be three times as high – or even more. Moreover, a mediated divorce case generally takes less time than litigation. With mediation, you should attain greater overall satisfaction after the process. In mediation, a mediator assists parties reach an agreement on their own, not one imposed on them by a judge or court. Parties have control over the issues to be discussed, the mediator guides the discussion Couples seeking divorce should consider mediation or collaborative divorce Highland Park services to help cut down the cost of litigation.

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