Collaborative Divorce Illinois

Benefits of Collaborative Divorce Illinois

collaborative divorce illinoisIf your marriage has hit the rocks and efforts of trying to resuscitate it have proved futile then the only option left is filing for divorce. The traditional divorce process of filing documents in court and seeking legal representation is usually a costly affair both emotionally and financially. However, there are several tips on how to reduce the cost of settling a divorce matter. One of these alternative methods of settling a divorce matter amicably and at a cheaper cost is going through a collaborative divorce Illinois. Below are some of the benefits that this method offers to the parties engaged in the divorce process.

Less Cost
In a traditional form of divorce that involves settling the matter in court, the cost is always higher than going the collaborative divorce Illinois way. The cost is always two-fold as it drains both parties financially and it can cause emotional pains due to the nature of conflicts involved in the proceedings. There are so many documents to be prepared by the lawyers, they are paid for all the appearances they make, preparing evidence as well as getting subpoenas. In a collaborative divorce, it is always viewed as an uncontested kind of divorce case by divorce lawyers. The cost to be incurred in this type of a divorce solely depends on the parties’ willingness to resolve the matter fast. The faster the parties agree on the contentious issues the lower their cost will be. Secondly, this form of divorce takes a shorter period of time, unlike the traditional form of divorce and this lowers the cost further. There is also less chances of going through too much emotional pain that could drain you emotionally.

A divorce between two married persons usually marks the end of their marriage union, but if there were children involved, then it would mark the beginning of their lives as separate parents. In this kind of a situation, there needs to be a mutual understanding on how the children’s welfare will be taken care of by both parties. This should not result into a fight between them as it is the norm in many court divorces. Collaborative divorce Illinois comes with the benefit of the mediation that is prescribed by the collaborative law. This process not only grants a divorce but also mediates between the two parties on how they are to accommodate each other in their lives after the divorce thus ensuring a lasting solution is found. The collaborative specialists ensure that all issues surrounding the custody of children, assets distribution and income allocation are resolved amicably through mediation.

Settlement on your Own Terms
One of the best things about opting for a collaborative divorce Illinois is that the divorce settlement that parties agree to enter into is on their own terms and not necessarily forced onto them. The parties themselves with the help of the collaborative attorneys agree on the terms forming their divorce settlement before it is drafted by the attorneys and filed in court. The upshot of this fact is that both parties are more likely to abide by the terms in their divorce settlement, unlike in the traditional divorce where more often than not some people fail to abide by the terms forced on them.

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