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collaborative divorce lindenhurstCollaborative Divorce Lindenhurst

Using Collaborative Divorce as an Alternative to Traditional Divorce Proceedings

Marriages that lead to divorce are a common occurrence in today’s society. Based on information from the United States Census bureau, every 13 seconds a marriage ends in divorce. Many times these same people may marry again, but the statistics show the rates for second and third marriage failures are higher than the first. This is why collaborative divorce is being used as an alternative to the traditional divorces, since it saves the court time and it allows the couple to settle their divorce in a more cooperative manner. Instead of adding more fuel to an already difficult circumstance by going to court and fighting it out, Collaborative Divorce Lindenhurst can help with ensuring both parties come to a common agreement that everyone can live with after the inevitable does occur.

Collaborative Divorce Lindenhurst Keeps Clients Out of the Courtroom

Collaborative divorce can be described as a new technique that is being used by lawyers in family law. The lawyer’s role in these cases is to assist their clients with resolving their conflicts outside of the court room. This new method promotes employing a wide variety of different cooperative techniques instead of resorting to various adversarial strategies that lead to litigation. Every one that is involved in these Collaborative Divorce Lindenhurst efforts is seeking to achieve a negotiated outcome that will benefit both spouses. When these negotiations are successful, no one will have to go the court room for a judge to decide the family’s fate.
Prior to getting started, both parties must enter into a Participation Agreement. This agreement has many different elements involved including stating each lawyer will remove themselves from the procedures and not partake in taking the matter to court. All involved are also agreeing that the lawyers’ from both sides are only retained for settlement negotiations only. The court room is not an option. Listed below are some of the elements of collaborative divorce participation agreements.
Interest-based negotiation vs. Non-adversarial manner Collaborative Divorce
When couples decide to go their separate ways, it is common for them to protect their own interest. Both spouses are normally concerned about their financial future, especially those who do not have a lot of money to pay their current bills. When this occurs, some people may tend to overact and want more than it takes to keep their finances intact. By using an interest based negotiation strategy, both spouses can strive to find a resolution that is a win-win for everyone instead of taking the other person for every thing they have.
Children’s best interests. Using this method, both spouses have an opportunity to speak peaceably in order to find the best solutions for their children. Deciding who the children will live with permanently is normally a top concern on the list. While both parents may want the children to live them on a permanent basis, it’s just not physically possible. With Collaborative Divorce Lindenhurst, the parents can decide between themselves what the new arrangement will be. In these cases, they do not have to go before a judge to decide. By settling these concerns without all of the heightened and destructive emotions, both spouses may come out with a resolution that they can live without feeling violated.

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