Collaborative Divorce Waukegan

Divorce without Court – A Guide to Mediation & Collaborative Divorce Waukegan Services

collaborative divorce waukeganIf you want to end your marriage peacefully and fairly, collaborative divorce Waukegan may be what you’re looking for. It’s a totally different way of approaching divorce handlings, and this concept has been growing over a past decade. According to a 2013 MSNBC report, over 18,900 attorneys have been trained in collaborative divorce Waukegan approach

How the Collaborative Divorce Waukegan Process Works for Ending a Marriage

Collaborative divorce Waukegan is actually a kind of uncontested divorce that’s meant to be a fair and friendly way to end a marriage.

Collaborative divorce, which has now been endorsed even by American Bar Association, each party has its own legal representation. In this, individuals and attorneys work closely to identify how the individuals would like their divorce to look like. After one-on-one meeting with their legal counsel, the two parties who’re seeking to end their marriage meet along with their attorneys to finalize the terms of their divorce. The clients and attorneys agree to avoid confrontation and keep the proceedings friendly.

Sometimes outside professionals, such as financial advisors, etc are called in to assist in settling certain matters such as child custody, property division, etc. Once everything has been settled and terms worked out, the attorneys of both parties will send the agreement for judicial approval.

Collaborative divorce Waukegan services have several benefits:

  • It’s economical
  • It’s fast
  • Private proceedings
  • It’s amicable
  • Less stressful environment for the parties and kids

How Collaborative Divorce Waukegan Proceedings Differ from other Types of Divorce?

Collaborative divorce Waukegan is quite different from other ways available under law to settle a divorce. In traditional divorce proceedings, attorneys are mostly adversarial rather than collaborative. Therefore, instead of working closely with other attorney for a shared and fair outcome, they only represent the interest of their clients. This kind of representation is not conducive and creates a more hostile environment between the divorcing parties.

Collaborative divorce Waukegan is also different from other two traditional alternatives resolution methods used during divorce proceedings: mediation and arbitration.

In mediation, there’s a mediator who listens to both the parties and tries to convince both at-odd parties to come together for a common resolution. However, in collaborative divorce, there’s no need of any mediator because the parties and attorneys have already agreed to work together without outside negotiations.

What Arbitration is in Comparison to Collaborative Divorce Grayslake Services

In arbitration, an arbitrator assesses the statements of attorneys and will set conditions of the divorce. In this type of divorce there’s no room for the parties to come at any agreement that will affect their life.

Usually court engagements can make the parties feel as if they’re giving up everything just to survive in the high stakes environment. Collaborative divorce Waukegan is different, because it recognizes that though it’s an end to relationship between two parties, it’s also a new beginning for each one of them. During the proceedings, both parties are encouraged to work closely with one another and show respect-skills that would come handy in their future. Parties will get some practice on how to work out issues that may come up later on as they continue to co-parent after their divorce.

Collaborative Divorce Waukegan Professionals Make Divorce Less Stressful

All in all, a collaborative divorce creates a more peaceful environment and allows both parties to divorce quickly. It’s also far less expensive than traditional divorce. The proceedings in collaborative divorce, unlike traditional divorce, are also private and confidential. Collaborative divorce is good for all those who want a nicer alternative to traditional divorce, or who must continue to raise children together.

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