Custody, Visitation, and Pre-Decree Divorce Mediation in Chicago IL

With couples who have children, deciding how custody and visitation should be handled is one of the most difficult parts of a divorce.  In fact, resolving issues involving the children may delay a case for many months if the parents cannot agree as to how they should be resolved.  Pre-decree divorce mediation in Chicago Illinois is an excellent resource for these couples.  Pre-decree divorce mediation in Chicago Illinois addresses issues that must be handled prior to the finalization of a divorce.  Since custody and visitation must be finalized before a couple is legally divorced in Illinois, pre-decree divorce mediation is available to help a couple resolve these sensitive issues.

During mediation, the parties are in control of the outcome of their case.  A mediator is present. The mediator’s role is to help the parties make decisions in the case.  Typically, the mediator asks each party how he or she would like the issues in the case resolved.  With this information, the mediator suggests ways that the parties may be able to compromise on each issue.  When the parties agree on an issue, the mediator makes note of it and moves on to the next issue, until every issue in the case has been discussed.

Custody and visitation issues are actually quite flexible.  So long as the couple can agree as to how these issues should be handled, they may essentially create any visitation plan that they like, so long as it would not be detrimental to the children and would be approved by a judge.  Sole or joint custody is an issue to be mediated.  Custody means decision-making for health, education, activities and religion.  Since mediation allows the parties to create their own settlement agreement, it is an excellent tool for working through these issues and creating a plan that works for the family.  Chances are, the parties will be much happier with their own agreement than with a plan a judge ordered them to follow.