Dealing with a Spouse Who is Resistant to Divorce Mediation

While Americans average an argument about 19 times during the course of a month, many arguments lead to divorce. Divorcing someone with whom you once shared love, children, a home, and more can be devastating. Mediation for divorces can be quite helpful for both parties in a divorce. However, there may be one spouse in the marriage or union who is opposed to it. In fact, they may be downright resistant to the idea of having a divorce mediated. Let’s delve into some ways that you can help your partner who may not want to have anything to do with divorce mediators.

Try To Find Out Why

Many times, divorce mediating services can help quell some of the discord, anger, and resentment that comes with divorces. However, if you are dealing with a spouse who is against it, then divorce mediation services can be difficult to obtain. One way you can address this is to talk to your spouse. If you all are able to have a civil conversation, you may want to find out why your partner is against discussing the divorce with a divorce mediator.

The resistant spouse may feel as if their personal business will be exposed. He or she may even feel as if the divorce mediator may judge them. You as the spouse who sees great benefit to the divorce mediating process can share with the other one that mediation is not about judging someone.

You may also be able to share that divorce mediation services are not about pinning someone as the right party and someone else as the wrong party. Mediation is about having all voices heard, and coming to a sustainable and desirable outcome for all.

Be Supportive

Even though your spouse is against any kind of divorce mediating, you may see some headway if you become a supportive partner. Sure, you’re going through the dissolution of your marriage. However, you and your spouse may be on great terms in which you can be a support to them.

If your spouse sees you as an ally in the current divorce, they may be more inclined to consider some helpful and healthy divorce mediating. Many times, divorced spouses cite a breakdown in communication as a huge contributing factor in a divorce. Oftentimes, you can find some common ground with the spouse that you are divorcing. This helps the divorce be a less grueling ordeal. Let your spouse know that you understand their hesitation about divorce mediating. Let them know that there is someone who can answer their divorce mediation questions and offer some sound solutions.


After deciding that divorcing your wife, divorcing your husband, or divorcing your partner is for your wellbeing, you want to provide some reassurance to them, that you are a compliant party during the divorce. Maybe your spouse has issues with the divorce mediator cost. Reassure them that they don’t have to pay for divorce mediating alone. The costs will be shared.

Perhaps your resistant spouse is not looking for any divorce advice and just wants to limit conversations and communication with you. Reassure them that you know how they feel and that divorce mediating may bring an end to this painful chapter in their lives fast.

Divorce mediating can save countless hours in a courtroom and can help to have a voice heard that once felt silenced or muffled in a marriage. Reassure your spouse that you may no longer be partners in marriage, but you will be a willing participant to dissolve the marriage in the most humane way possible.

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