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divorce mediation attorney kenoshaDivorce Mediation Attorneys in Kenosha Wisconsin

Seeking Divorce in Kenosha? Introducing The Divorce Mediation Attorneys in Kenosha

Divorce is a painful reality for many couples today. And when a couple parts, there are many difficult decisions to be faced. Having an experienced divorce mediation attorney to guide you can make those decisions easier. CEL and Associates is a divorce mediation firm with an experienced divorce mediation attorney Kenosha professional who works with couples during divorce.

The Manner in Which A Kenosha WI Divorce Mediation Attorney Works

When divorcing couples are fighting they can hire a Kenosha divorce mediation attorney to help them iron out their differences. As an experienced third party negotiator, the divorce mediation attorney helps couples take inventory of the items in dispute. The issues that couples often disagree on are things like who gets the car, how to split credit card debt, and how will visitation work. Then both parties will share their views on the situation. The Kenosha divorce mediation attorney helps the couple negotiate agreements. A Kenosha divorce mediation attorney gives couples a divorce agreement and parenting agreement with agreed upon terms that can be presented in court for the divorce.
When a couple works together with a Kenosha divorce mediation attorney they benefit in a number of ways. First, is divorce mediation is much less stressful then fighting it out with dueling divorce lawyers. Secondly, working till a couple agrees on divorce terms ensures each couple gets a more fair resolution on the matters. Thirdly, when the court decides on divorce terms for you, it may not favor you. Finally, the cost of a long divorce battle can be grueling. Often the process of working with a Kenosha divorce mediation attorney can be completed in a few sessions. This can save a couple thousands of dollars. The savings can help the individuals have more financial resources to begin their new life with.

Why Working with A Divorce Mediation Attorney in Kenosha Wisconsin Has Added Advantages

Divorce mediation offers a few advantages for a couple seeking divorce. Having the added legal education provides extra knowledge that can enhance the process of negotiating. Plus, when it comes time to file the divorce in court, a couple can opt to use the divorce mediation attorney with whom they have done mediation.

Kenosha Divorce Mediation Attorneys Model Important Communication Skills

When emotions are high, it can hamper having effective communications. Often part of what caused the downfall of the marriage was in part due to inability to communicate. Kenosha divorce mediation attorneys through the process of divorce mediation get couples to communicate effectively about key issues. And through the process couples learn the process that leads to better understanding. It involved openly sharing feelings, using empathy, and seeking to understand one another. Divorce mediation attorneys in Kenosha help couples to improve listening skills and learn to resolve conflict. These skills helps couples post divorce. Often issues arise after divorce that need discussion. Using the communication skills a couple gains through divorce mediation can help them talk through a challenge. And in the case that individuals can’t agree, they can always use a divorce mediation attorney in Kenosha in a session to resolve that particular issue.

5 Ways Couples Benefit Using A Divorce Mediation Attorney for Kenosha Wisconsin

  • The emotional impact on kids is reduced in the process of divorce mediation.
  •  Couples are encouraged to work together to solve problems which reduced stress.
  •  Fair decisions are made because both parties are involved in the decisions.
  •  Money is saved because divorce mediation costs a fraction of what divorce lawyers charge.
  •  Divorces are completed sooner than with a traditional divorce.

The Divorce Mediation Team in Kenosha Couples Trust

Ellen Barron Feldman and Brian James work together to support couples to mediate their divorce. They assist couples to help them negotiate the terms of their divorce. The procedure is fast, easy, and affordable.
Ellen Barron Feldman of C.E.L. and Associates is divorce mediation attorney Kenosha professional serving the Chicago and southern Wisconsin area.. Brian James is a divorce mediator with CEL and Associates. Together they work as a team to offer divorce mediation services for couples seeking a divorce.

Let the Kenosha Divorce Mediation Attorney Team of CEL and Associates Help You

Get a free consultation to learn how divorce mediation services with a Kenosha divorce mediation attorneys can help you. Contact Ellen Barron Feldman through the CEL office at 866-922-4733 ext. 2 or reach her cell at 847-507-3204. She can be emailed at: efeldman@celandassociates.com.
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