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divorce mediation attorneys lake countyDivorce Mediation Attorneys in Lake County, Illinois

Need to get divorced? Divorce mediation attorneys of Lake County, Illinois can help!

Why Couples Need a Lake County Illinois Divorce Mediation Attorney

When individuals decide to file for divorce, it is a difficult time. Fortunately, there is an easier way. Many couples are discovering the advantages of working with a divorce mediation attorney. A divorce mediation attorney Lake County professional helps couples work out their differences, create agreements, and complete the divorce process more quickly and at less cost. Leaving it up to the courts to decide divorce terms can hurt you. When a court decides visitation and asset division, individuals don’t get the best results. Couples benefit when a Lake County divorce mediation attorney assists them in drafting a divorce agreements that can later be presented in court. Another advantage is that using a Lake County divorce mediation attorney gives a couple added privacy. The intimate details of your financial and other affairs don’t have to be made public record in court.

What a Lake County Divorce Mediation Attorney Is

A Lake County Illinois divorce mediation attorney is a divorce mediator who is also a licensed attorney. They specialize in affordable, fair solutions to unresolved agreements by helping both parties to create a win/win solution. The advantage of working with a divorce mediation attorney in Lake County is that in addition to helping couples develop key agreements they can help you legally file them in court.

What are the Benefits of Using a Lake County Illinois Divorce Mediation Attorney?

In addition to working through conflict, divorce mediation attorneys are skilled at helping couples to enhance communication, understand each other, and develop agreed solutions to issues divorcing couples may be facing.

Lake County Divorce Mediation Attorneys help Couples:

– Put the kids needs first to reduce emotional impact of divorce
– Make divorce a less frustrating emotional process
– Develop division of assets and agreements that work for both parties
– Process their divorce fast and easy

Why Choose our Divorce Mediation Attorney Services in Lake County Illinois

Since 2005, CEL and Associates has been helping individuals get divorced. Divorce mediation attorneys help couples work together through the decision making process. By providing a neutral facilitator a divorce mediation attorney helps both sides to be heard. Then individuals can develop solutions that work for everyone. The result is a fast, easy divorce that saves money, with agreements that work for everyone. By making divorce a peaceful process, you save money that you can put towards future saving, retirement, and rebuilding your new life.

Ellen Barron Feldman of C.E.L. and Associates is Divorce Mediation Attorney. Brian James is a divorce mediator. Together they work as a team to offer divorce mediation services for couples.

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For more information on divorce mediation attorneys Lake County services or to setup an appointment, Contact Ellen through the CEL office at 866-922-4733 ext. 2 or on her cell at 847-507-3204. She can be emailed at: efeldman@celandassociates.com.

We look forward to the opportunity to show you the benefits of with Divorce Mediation Attorney Services!