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divorce mediation attorneys mundeleinDivorce Mediation Attorneys in Mundelein Illinois

Divorcing Couples Are Choosing The Divorce Mediation Attorneys of Mundelein at CEL and Associates

Are you in the process of seeking a divorce? When it’s time to end your marriage, you want an easy, pain free process. If you haven’t heard of divorce mediation, it’s something you may want to consider.

Why More Couples Are Using Divorce Mediation Attorneys in Mundelein to File Their Divorce

Working with a divorce mediation attorney Mundelein professional makes your divorce so much easier. It’s fast, affordable, and easy. Using divorce mediation attorneys, a couple can lay out all the terms of their divorce and create a formal divorce agreement and parenting agreement.

Wondering How Divorce Mediation Attorneys in Mundelein Work?

If a couple agrees that they are willing to work together towards a friendly divorce, divorce mediation is a good option. It works well for low conflict couples. In a private setting, a couple meets with the divorce mediation attorney who asks what terms they have figured out and what still need to be addressed. Then the negotiation begins. On items in conflict, the divorce mediation attorney asks each party their thoughts on the matter. They encourage the couple to engage in active listening and to show they understand one another. Then the divorce mediation attorney works with them to find creative compromised that work for everyone involved.

For some couples, there are added advantages of working with a divorce mediation attorney. For one thing, an attorney has a working knowledge of the law. This can help to know how some outcomes may be guided by the Illinois divorce laws. Additionally, lawyers are highly skilled in artfully guiding conversations to get desired outcomes. This skill helps the couple work out sticking issues they may feel “stuck” on. Finally when a the mediation is complete, the divorce mediation attorney can draft a finalized divorce agreement and file it in court for you. The process is pretty quick and can often be completed in just a few short sessions.

Read what One Client Said About the Advantages of Divorce Mediation in Mundelein

All I want to say is “money saving”. We met with Mr. James 3 times and worked out our entire divorce. Never in my wildest dreams would I have thought it would be that easy. Mr. James put things in perspective and kept us from arguing. He seemed to really care about everything we agreed to, always making sure that we weren’t rushing it just to get it done. Mediation is the way to go if you have to divorce.
Heidi – 3/15/2007

Why Litigate When You Can Mediate – Trust the Divorce Mediation Attorney at CEL and Associates

At CEL and Associates we understand that divorce is a difficult time and are committed to helping our clients with integrity and compassion during this challenging time. Ellen Barron Feldman and Brian James work together to help mediate their divorce. They assist couples to help them negotiate the terms of their divorce. The procedure is quick, easy, and affordable.

Ellen Barron Feldman of C.E.L. and Associates is Divorce Mediation Attorney serving Mundelein. Brian James is a divorce mediator serving in Mundelein. Together they work as a team to offer divorce mediation services for couples seeking a Mundelein divorce.

Discover Today The Divorce Mediation Attorney in Mundelein Services at CEL and Associates.

Contact our divorce mediation attorneys Mundelein staff today to find out more. Contact Ellen through the CEL office at 866-922-4733 ext. 2 or on her cell at 847-507-3204. She can be emailed at: efeldman@celandassociates.com. We have several offices throughout the Chicago suburbs so you can arrange a consultation at the location closest to you.

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