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divorce mediation attorneys racineDivorce Mediation Attorneys in Racine Wisconsin

Facing a Divorce? Introducing The Divorce Mediation Attorneys of Racine

Divorce is a very difficult situation for anyone. As you know, during a divorce there are many decisions one needs to make. That’s where a divorce mediation attorney Racine professional can help. They assist divorcing couples in making those decisions. The CEL and Associates team has a divorce mediation attorneys in Racine who is ready and able to help you.

Here’s What a Racine Divorce Mediation Attorney is and How They Help Racine Wisconsin Divorcing Couples

A divorce mediation attorney in Racine empowers couples filing for divorce to set their priorities, agree on the terms of the divorce, and develop the paperwork you will have to file for your divorce. There is a trend with more couples choosing divorce mediation. And the reasons are clear.
Instead of hiring divorce lawyers and fighting, couples are choosing to collaborate and work with a divorce mediation attorney in Racine. The function of a divorce mediation attorney is to help couples agree on how the assets will be divided and other important decisions. Typical areas to discuss include: child support, asset division, financial arrangements, visitation, and more. After agreeing on how to handle these arrangements, the divorce mediation attorney can compose a divorce agreement and parenting agreement this details the terms of the divorce.
The way mediation works, both couples sit down in a room with the divorce mediation attorney. All the issues that needed decided are reviewed. Then each person shares their views on the issue. The divorce mediation attorney helps the individuals to negotiate a settlement. Once complete, the divorce mediation attorney documents it in divorce papers that they can file in court.

Why Using a Divorce Mediation Attorney in Racine Has It’s Advantages

One advantage a divorce mediation attorney has over a regular divorce mediator is their legal background. This provides an additional framework that can assist them in laying out the terms of the divorce. Additionally, as a lawyer, they have the capability to actually file the finalized divorce papers in court as well.

Picking up Key Communication Skills By Working with a Racine Divorce Mediation Attorney

Divorce is painful. And it’s difficult under such emotional strain to think clearly and discuss difficult subjects. Especially when you disagree. The good news is that when couples work with a divorce mediation attorney, they discover new communication skills. Both parties learn to share their point of view, listen for understanding, not to interrupt, and to compromise to reach an agreement. These skills can help individuals in post divorce life as issues arise.
Here are a few ways that men and women benefit when they use a Racine Divorce Mediation Attorney
  • Children face less emotional impact because there is less stress and fighting by their parents.
  •  There is more peace and healing because individuals are taught to talk it out.
  •  Settlements are more fair across the board because they are negotiated.
  •  The final cost of the divorce is reduced greatly since mediation is far less expensive then hiring divorce lawyers.
  •  The divorce finalizes sooner so both individuals can move forward with their lives.
Why CEL and Associates is A Top Divorce Mediation Firm in the Racine Wisconsin Area
Ellen Barron Feldman and Brian James work together to support couples to mediate their divorce. They assist couples to help them negotiate the terms of their divorce. The procedure is fast, easy, and affordable.
Ellen Barron Feldman of C.E.L. and Associates is divorce mediation attorney Racine professional. Brian James is a divorce mediator serving in Racine. Together they work as a team to offer divorce mediation services for couples seeking a Racine divorce.

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