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divorce mediation attorneys wisconsinDivorce Mediation Attorneys in Wisconsin

Wisconsin Divorce Mediation Attorneys

Getting divorced can be an upsetting, emotional process. So when it comes time to file for divorce there are a multitude of choices that you will make that will affect your future. A divorce mediation attorney in Wisconsin helps divorcing individuals work together to make those decisions. CEL and Associates have divorce mediation attorneys Wisconsin staff who are ready to assist you with your Wisconsin divorce.

How Working With A Divorce Mediation Attorney Wisconsin Works

A Wisconsin Divorce mediation attorney guides you to list the decisions that need to be addressed, come to agreements on those items, and draft the legal documents you’ll need for your divorce. One of the advantages of divorce mediation in Wisconsin is that it’s a far better option then fighting it out in the courtroom.
When a couple divorces, there are many items that a couple must make decisions on. Couples may fight over who gets the car. They have to decide who is moving out and who gets to keep the house. Then they must decide how to split financial assets and debts. Other choices include setting a visitation schedule and child support measures. A Wisconsin divorce mediation attorney can create a divorce agreement and parenting agreement that outlines these options.
Both parties will meet with the divorce mediation attorney in Wisconsin for a few sessions. The issues in dispute can be documented.Then with the help of the Wisconsin divorce mediation attorney, they can collaborate to create agreements that work for both individuals. Often in just a few short sessions couples can work out any issues at odds. All this occurs in a private, confidential setting. It allows both parties to have input and create the most agreement terms that work for everyone. With less fighting and more agreement, working with a divorce mediation attorney in Wisconsin is a much easier, more peaceful way to divorce.

Benefits of Legal Experience of A Divorce Mediation Attorneys in Wisconsin

There are two definite benefits to using a Wisconsin divorce mediation attorneys help with the mediation. One benefit is that doing mediation with a divorce mediation attorney Wisconsin who has a professional legal background provides for a greater understanding that makes the negotiation process easier. The second benefits is that because he/she is a Wisconsin divorce attorney at law too, they could also submit the final papers in divorce court too.

Divorce Mediation Attorneys in Wisconsin Assist Divorcing Couples in A Multitude of Ways Including:

  • Lessening emotional impact on children. The couple is guided to make decisions are created that put the children first.
  •  Arguing is replaced with peaceful communication to help decide divorce terms.
  •  Cost of the divorce is reduced greatly – often by thousands of dollars.
  •  Process is completed sooner with mediation lasting just a few short sessions.

CEL & Associates – Professional Divorce Mediation for Southeast Wisconsin

Ellen Barron Feldman and Brian James come together to support couples to mediate their divorce. They work with couples to help them negotiate the terms of their divorce. The procedure is fast, easy, and affordable.
Ellen Barron Feldman of C.E.L. and Associates is Divorce Mediation Attorney serving Wisconsin. Brian James is a divorce mediator serving in Wisconsin. Together they act as a team to offer divorce mediation services for couples seeking a Wisconsin divorce.

Contacts Wisconsin Divorce Mediation Attorney Services To Request More Information on Divorce Mediation

To get additional information on divorce mediation attorneys Wisconsin professionals to create a free consultation, Contact Ellen through the CEL office at 866-922-4733 ext. 2 or on her cell at 847-507-3204.

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