Divorce Mediation Cook County Illinois

Divorce Mediation Cook County Illinois – How it works and benefits

Couples going through a divorce are in a very stressful situation. Often, a strong conflict arises between the partner’s in the marriage.

Those strong conflicts make it extremely difficult to come to a meeting of the minds. They could wage a war against each other for months or even years. However, there is another way to ease the tension. Divorce Mediation Cook County Illinois negotiations are used to end the divorce turmoil. Let’s take a look at the mediator’s role and answer a few questions concerning mediation.

The Divorce Mediation Process – Steps Cook County Illinois Couples Will Go Through

divorce mediation cook county illinoisThe mediator is an important part of the negotiating process. The mediator takes a neutral stand and lets both parties freely give their input concerning the situation. The mediator might ask a question to clarify meanings or make sure that each person involved in the mediation has their say. This is important because people in conflict rarely sit down and openly and honestly discuss their feelings regarding a situation. Surprisingly, many have the wrong idea about mediation. They assume that the courts or their lawyers force them into this private negotiating process. The fact is that the divorcing couple’s volunteer for the mediation process. They are allowed to freely exchange comments and they are allowed to end the mediation at any time.

Frequent Divorce Mediation Questions for Filing Divorce in Cook County Illinois

What is the mediator’s role? People want to know if the Divorce Mediation Cook County Illinois members take sides. No, the mediator does not take sides. The mediator remains neutral during the entire process. The mediator does not give legal advice or other advice. They are there to make sure that the couple reach an agreement.
What happens during mediation? The mediator and divorcing couple meet in a room. The couple has the opportunity to discuss their concerns and why they require mediation. The concerns are written down and later discussed in future meetings. All relevant information is gathered and discussed. The mediator might provide information to the couple about the mediation and the court system.
How long does the mediation process take? This is a question that is on the mind of every divorcing couple. It is difficult to determine the length of the mediation process. Certainly, it depends on the couple and the complexity of the issues involved in the mediation. Usually, the divorcing couple meets for at least two or three sessions. Each session might take about two hours. The mediation might take place over several weeks or several months. Once again, this depends on the couple, complexity, and time constraints.
Are we good candidates for mediation? Certainly, this is a pressing question asked by concerned divorcing couples. Every divorcing couple should take advantage of mediation to hasten the divorce process. First, it is important to understand that mediation is not a substitute for a divorce lawyer. Mediation is a way for a divorcing couple to meet on common ground and discuss key issues that are delaying the divorce.

Divorce Mediation Cook County Illinois Services Make Divorce a Easier

Avoid a long drawn out divorce that last for months or years. Contact Divorce Mediation Cook County Illinois professionals to discuss any further questions that you might have concerning the mediation process.

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