Divorce Mediation Gurnee

divorce mediation gurneeDivorce Mediator Gurnee Illinois

Are you in the middle of a nasty divorce and wondering if there is an easier way?

Our divorce mediation Gurnee services help couples to divorced quickly, with less stress, and save you thousands of dollars versus the cost of using attorneys.

Since 2005, Brian James of C.E.L. and Associates, Inc has offered comprehensive divorce mediation services to divorcing couples in Gurnee, Illinois..

As a divorce mediator, we help couples in get divorced. Most couples that fight it out in court spend thousands of dollars on the cost of divorce attornies with proceedings that last months and sometimes years. Mediation makes the process quicker, easier, and less expensive. We help you put aside your emotion and focus on what you need to do. A divorce mediator will help you sit down, sort thru the decisions you need to make, and come to agreements that work for both of you. We help you find creative solutions for visitation, custody, and finances. By helping you work out your issues, you can draft the documents you need to finalize your divorce.

Our Gurnee, Illinois Divorce Mediation helps you:

  • form agreements on asset division, financials, visitation, child support and other key issues
  • focus on creating agreements that put your children first so there is less emotional impact
  • complete your divorce in days, not months so you can move on with your life

Brian James of C.E.L. and Associates, offers divorce mediation Gurnee services that help couples who are filing for divorce. Whether you are just filin or in the middle of a divorce, we can help. For more information please contact us at 866-922-4733 to arrange a consultation. We look forward to serving you!

Friendly Affordable Divorce Mediation Gurnee Services with CEL and Associates