Divorce Mediation Lake County Illinois

divorce mediation lake county illinoisDivorce Mediation Lake County Illinois – A Smart Option for Couples Ending Their Marriage

These days, divorce is a common occurrence. ¬†While both parties might agree that divorce is a necessity, that doesn’t stop proceedings from getting ugly, vicious, and drawn-out far longer than they need to be. That’s where divorce mediation Lake County Illinois services comes in.

What is Divorce Mediation and How Does it Help Lake County Illinois Couples?

Traditional divorce involves both parties getting lawyers and entering into the court system, which by its very nature is adversarial. Judges will hear all sides of the divorce, and can then force rulings onto the parties involved, leading to hard feelings, bitter contests, and all kinds of negative outcomes.

What makes divorce mediation Lake County Illinois has to offer different is that the mediator is there to act as an independent, third party to listen to all sides of the divorce. Both parties bring their lawyers to the table, but the goal during mediation is to air any and all grievances and to find an acceptable solution to the problems the couple is having. Issues like child support or alimony, how to split property, and what to do with shared assets can all be worked out in divorce mediation instead of in court. Once an agreement has been reached both parties sign off on it, and they get to skip divorce court entirely.<br><br>What Are The Advantages of Divorce Mediation?

Advantages of Using Divorce Mediation Lake County Illinois Professionals to Handle Your Divorce

There are a lot of advantages to be gained by seeking out divorce mediation Lake County Illinois services. Bringing in a neutral, third party who can offer opinions and suggestions but who doesn’t have punitive power can actually result in less fighting and more cooperation between a couple that’s trying to get divorced. Both sides are more likely to get what they want during a mediation, and the overall process of figuring out an acceptable divorce is much quicker than going to divorce court (since courts tend to be jam-packed with cases and proceedings can be endlessly delayed). Divorce mediation is easier on children for couples who have them, and in the end it costs a lot less (a quicker resolution means fewer legal fees, less trouble, and a smoother resolution).

Divorce Mediation Keeps Your Lake County Illinois Divorce Private

In addition to these very practical benefits, there are others as well. Divorce mediation is a private matter, which means that any and all issues brought forth remain private. If these same issues are brought to light in divorce court they will be recorded as part of the public record for anyone who cares to see. Additionally a divorce mediator is someone who has no bias in the outcome of a particular divorce; the mediator is completely neutral. This often leads to solutions that those who are neck-deep in the divorce may not see because their own personal interests. This may even lead to an ideal solution being proposed, which could wrap up divorce proceedings a great deal quicker than either participant had planned or foreseen.

It’s for all of these reasons that so many couples who have agreed to divorce seek out divorce mediation Lake County Illinois services.

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