Divorce Mediation Libertyville

Divorce Mediation Libertyville

Reasons you should Consider Having Divorce Mediation

Divorce is a very serious social problem and a life transforming experience that can have far reaching consequences on divorcing couples as well as their children. Divorce is also very hurting experience because it can change your social life and financial capability. But before taking divorce, it is very important to have a mediator, some of the reasons you should consider divorce mediation Libertyville services include;

Faster and inexpensive

Divorce is a life event that can have far reaching consequences on your life, but majorly, it can cause untold misery to your children. Although you will pay some money to the divorce mediator, mediation is by far more inexpensive than the court process. Since the mediator is neutral, he/she can better focus to the problem affecting your marriage. In addition, divorce mediation Libertyville proceedings are faster.

Flexible and confidential

Meditation is confidential and flexible; it gives couple an opportunity to settle conflict in a way that they remain responsible after divorce. The mediator is neutral and helps the couple to exchange information which significantly empowers the couple to come up with an equitable solution. Because few people are present during the divorce mediation Libertyville process, personal matter remains confidential. The divorcing parties are free to agree when the meditation should be conducted.

Solution oriented

Mediators are trained and experienced neutral arbiters who help the couple to think of the possible solution and come up with an equitable solution. The mediator has no interest in the outcome. For sure, the mediator stands to lose or gain nothing. Because the mediator is not emotionally invested in the outcome, he/she can see solution the parties cannot see. Today many people prefer mediation because it can help them reach an agreement that is satisfactory to both.

Less hostile

Divorce mediation cannot be compared to the legal process. Because the mediator is neutral, he/she can better control the divorcing couples. In addition, both parties are free to schedule when the Libertyville mediation sessions will be conducted and also come with an equitable solution. This immensely lowers animosity between the divorcing couples.

It is voluntary

Mediation will only continue if both parties are ready to negotiate. Because it is voluntary, it means both party members are ready to listen and come up with a solution to the problem.

There are two major stages in Divorce Mediation Libertyville; pre-decree and post-decree.

During the pre-decree stage, the mediator attempts to find solution and also encourages and assists the couple to settle financial issues and child custody arrangement. Post-decree, mediation is informally structured. Each spouse is given an opportunity to describe the current issues that may require modification. The discussion is structured to clarify any issue and come up with a mutual agreement. Some of the issues that are addressed at post-decree stage include;

  • Financial issues
  • Spousal support
  • Child support
  • Parenting issues and any other issues that may be raised

Couples who have had mediation during divorce agree that mediation is indispensable during divorce. It saves a lot of money, time and helps to solve solution. Divorce Mediation Libertyville services can help to solve issues such as spousal support, child custody and financial issues.

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