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divorce mediation wisconsinDivorce Mediation Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Are you a married couple considering Divorce mediation in Milwaukee Wisconsin?

Why fight it out and spend thousands of dollars on a traditional divorce. Smart couples realize that there’s another option. Now divorce mediation Milwaukee services are helping couples settle their divorce peacefully and less expensively. The decisions you must make during a divorce are numerous: dividing assets, finances, time with the kids. During divorce mediation Milwaukee Wisconsin, couples get professional help making these decisions.

During divorce mediation Milwaukee Wisconsin, with the help of a neutral facilitator, couples are led to work through their unresolved divorce issues. For example if the father wants to see the kids every other week, rather then just on weekends, that’s something that could be worked out in a mediation situation. During divorce mediation, the mediator keeps the conversation flowing, creatively brainstorms solutions, and helps couples work through their decision making. By helping couples to stop fighting and work through the tough issues, divorce mediation in Milwaukee Wisconsin helps couples create a divorce agreement that can be filed in court.

What exactly is the cost of divorce mediation for Milwaukee Wisconsin couples?

In general, divorce mediation will run about $2000-$3000. By contrast, a divorce fought in court may last 12-18 months and cost around $10,000-$15,000 or more. Generally couples who work together to agree on divorce terms end up happier in the end. They get agreements they can be at peace with. Whereas by contrast, flighting it out in court often results in settlements that aren’t as beneficial. Keeping decision making in your own hands through the divorce mediation process in Milwaukee Wisconsin creates better results.

How long does divorce mediation Milwaukee Wisconsin last?

The great news is that while a divorce can take many months when you fight, when a couple uses divorce mediation in Milwaukee Wisconsin, it can be settled in just a few short sessions. That let’s you finish the divorce sooner so you can start your new life. Put the past behind you, and more on.

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