Divorce Mediation Mundelein

The Myths About Divorce Mediation

Divorce mediation in Mundelein is a rather relatively new form of divorce resolution. It involves both divorce parties airing out their issues around a mediator. A mediator is not a judge and does not act as  a judge. He/she therefore makes no final call on any matter but helps both parties reach an amicable  agreement through a systematic process.

Here are a couple myths going around about divorce mediation and the truths about each of them.

The Myths

1) Divorce mediators call the shots: A mediator’s job in the mediation process is to help both spouses to reach an amicable agreement. They are not meant to make a final choice or decision about anything. Their duty is to listen and help both spouses talk reasonably until they reach their final decision.

2) Mediation puts women at a disadvantage: Mediation provides a fair and free avenue for both parties to speak out and have their demands met. It does not put women (or men for that matter) at a disadvantage to the other. Compared to court divorce, women are allowed to turn down any agreement met during the mediation process.

 3) Divorce mediation grants one spouse control over the other: This goes against the code of any good mediator. A good mediator pays close attention to both parties and provides them equal audience and opportunity to air their concerns. They are not allowed to work in favor of the other spouse and are allowed to call off the process if signs of domination suggest itself.

4) Divorce mediation in Mundelein allows both parties a rewarding and just outcome from the process. Divorce mediation is more demanding than court based divorce processes

5) Hiring a lawyer may seem an easier and faster alternative straight up. Lawyers however do not handle all the work as spouses might think. A substantial amount of work and time must be called for from the spouses in decision making and information gathering. Taking the divorce mediation route is a better alternative as it helps ensure that both spouses are fully participative in the process.  A divorce mediation Mundelein professional can speed up your divorce process considerably.

When court divorce is a better alternative

Despite being a preferable method, sometimes the court process is the only best way to go. If any of  these conditions define your situation, Mundelein courts offer a better alternative to divorce mediation.

These are some of those conditions.

  1. When your partner is unavailable – This sounds obvious but will still be stated. Divorce mediation requires that both parties be available to air their grievances. It therefore goes without saying that a lack of one disqualifies mediation as an applicable alternative.
  2. Your spouse is dishonest. A divorcing couple will find that this proves disruptive to the mediation process. A spouse may be dishonest by omitting or hiding significant information from the mediation process or by taking other dishonest courses of action. If this is the case, a court divorce is best applicable as it is compelling to both parties and restrictive of dishonest behavior.
  3. Your spouse is uncooperative and uncommunicative.  This happens more often than not. As a divorce is not a happy affair one spouse is bound to rage and ramble on about one thing or another. Some may also refuse to talk completely. They may be uncooperative with the process and hesitant to any terms of the divorce. If this happens, mediation is forced to take a standstill as no meaningful talk will transpire.

Bottom line – if you and your spouse are willing to cooperate and work towards a win/win solution, divorce mediation Mundelein professionals can make your divorce easier, more affordable, and less stressful.

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