Dupage County Divorce Mediation

Young couple with a problem to consult a psychologist

Young couple with a problem to consult a psychologist

Dupage County Divorce mediation is the act of parties settling their divorce disputes outside the court. It is a good and easy way of settling a divorce case as opposed to the normal legal manner. Usually the parties involved together with their attorneys will meet at an agreed place where they will discuss the matters pertaining to their divorce case like spousal and child support. These meetings are chaired by a third party that is appointed by the court.

The advantage of having the divorce matter settled out of court is that there is privacy as opposed to going to a court where there is a lot of people. A divorce mediation ensures that the matter is kept private between the parties and the court which means that it is not publicized especially if it is about important members of the society.

It is also fast as it does not involve a lot of complexities like with court proceedings where the trial may drag for many months. This is good especially for the kids as this is usually a very hard time for them. Hence the lesser time it takes the better. These are many other benefits that come with a divorce mediation. The whole process involves a couple of steps. These steps may vary from one state to another but they are roughly classified as follows:

Introductory stage

This is usually the first step in the process. This is where the involved parties form the foundation for the rest of the mediation process. Here the parties brief the mediator on their background information up to what has made them opt for the divorce. Depending on the situation that the parties are in, the mediator will give a suggestion on the best possible way of reaching an agreement.

Information gathering stage

In this stage the mediator collects the information necessary in handling the case. There is some information that might be necessary for the parties to solve the case that might not be readily available. This information needs to be collected and verified by the mediator. For instance, policy and tax details might be important in such a case. It is the work of the mediator to ensure that the information is available.

Framing stage

In this stage, the mediator seeks to understand each party’s expectations of the outcomes and why they may want the outcomes to be that way. This is usually referred by mediators as “interests and needs”. This forms the basis of a successful mediation.

Negotiating stage

In this stage, after going through the framing stage, the mediator together with the parties look at the possible solutions they have. With the mediators help, the parties go through the suggestions outlining possible options in each case. After the negotiation, they come up with a possible agreement.


This is usually the last stage of the mediation process. The tentative agreement is put before the parties where they discuss it together with their advisers. The necessary changes will be made in this stage. After an agreement is reached, both the parties sign and all this is overseen by the mediator.

Dupage County Divorce Mediation Ends Marriage without Costly Litigation

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