Lake County Divorce Mediation

Why Should You Opt for Lake County Divorce Mediation?

lake county divorce mediationDivorce mediation is a process where spouses agree to involve a third party to help resolve the divorce issues at hand such as division of property and co-parenting. This process tends to be easier and less time consuming than a tradition court process. It is also cheaper because you may not have to involve lawyers and follow a divorce court protocol. For the well being of your kids, you may want to try out Lake County divorce mediation. This has many benefits but the most important one is that you are able to make your own decisions on important issues regarding your life and that of your children.

How Does Mediation Make a Friendly Divorce Possible?

Most divorcing couples harbor a lot of negative feelings towards each other. Lack of communication is usually a big issue, which in most cases may have led to the divorce. If left alone to sort out the issues they have, most couples will result to arguments and name calling. They waste valuable time blaming each other. A mediator does not work or side with anyone. His work is to ensure that communication channels are open and everyone gets a chance to speak and ask for what they want. He can make suggestions and help you reach decisions that favor everyone. He is a peacemaker and ensures that you remain friends and are able to make lasting decisions on the issues at hand.

During the sessions, you and your soon to be ex-spouse are given a chance to express your views, ideas and make demands. When both of you are willing to compromise and listen to each other’s point of view, you can make decisions faster. When attending Lake County divorce mediation sessions, you start learning how to communicate in a healthy way, which is important because as parents, you will still need to talk and see each other even after the divorce has been finalized. When you start communicating well, you can make better decisions on child custody and maintenance.

Why is Divorce Mediation Better for Kids?

When you leave your issues to be settled by a divorce court, they will do so based on the set court rules and guidelines. They do not know you or your children. You know who would take care of the children better and what they need. You will make decisions that will leave you and the children satisfied. You will all walk away having gotten what you want. When you are both happy with the divorce settlement, it will be easier to communicate freely in the future, which is important for the children.

Lake County divorce mediation is a private affair where the two of you and a mediator try to work out the issues at hand unlike a legal battle in a court of law where everyone gets to know about it. The publicity can have a negative effect on the children. In addition, when they see you fighting and trying to outdo each other publicly, it hurts them even more. It is better that you handle the divorce quietly and privately without allowing the children to get involved in the issues you have.

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