Lake County Divorce Mediation

Reasons to go for Lake County divorce mediation services

Sometimes it is inevitable that your marriage does not work out. Sorry this has to happen to you. When divorce is the last resort in your marriage, you have to think carefully. You do not want to live with a burden you could never foresee.

Lake County Divorce mediation is one of the best ways to go. Yes, you and your spouse may not be in talking terms. That is where a mediator comes in. You do not have to do the picking; your lawyers will do it.

Well, is your marriage beyond any positive turnaround? Take it easy, Lake County Divorce Mediation is there to give you a hand.

The mediation process

  • Settling for a mediator: through your lawyers, you pick on a neutral person to represent each of your interests. The lawyers’ decision on a mediator is binding to both of you.
  • Preliminary meeting: once the mediator has been picked, you and your spouse have to find time to meet in the mediator’s presence. You get a chance to acquaint yourself with the mediator as well as agree on what information is needed.
  • Gathering critical information: after the first meeting, as couples you are expected to gather the necessary information especially on property and financial accounts. Appraisers and accountants would come handy in getting this information on your table.
  • Follow-up meetings: each of you is expected to table the demands. The mediator has to find a way to balance both of your demands. As they do so, they give you the legal counsel you need so as to make the process a flawless one.
  • Reaching a consensus: with every side considered, it is time to make an agreement. The mediator helps you to arrive at an amicable decision. A copy of the agreement is forwarded to each spouse for further familiarization.
  • Filing the divorce documents: to make the agreement a binding one, the agreement and the proceedings have to be filed with a court.

Why divorce mediation is the best option

  • Relatively inexpensive: compared to a court hearing, divorce mediation is cheaper. No lengthy proceedings. It does take much of your time and you will be able to juggle with your work.
  • No court appearance: if courts intimidate you, divorce mediation is just for you. You will not have to appear in a court; everything is done at a place of your choice and never a courtroom.
  • Highly confidential: with a mediator, your divorce is safe. It will not have the public scrutiny and you can go on with your life without the worry of public ridicule.
  • You are both in control: it is not the court to force decisions your way. You and your spouse make the decisions in both of your interests.
  • A sure way to arrive at a settlement: almost all divorce mediations reach a settlement. It is good because the settlement has the best interests of each party.
  • Avoids future conflicts: each party gets most of their demands met. You are likely not to have any conflicts in the future.

With Lake County Divorce Mediation, every decision goes your way. Make things easy on your side, a divorce mediator will help you.

Lake County Divorce Mediation Services with CEL and Associates can settle your Divorce Peacefully