Libertyville Divorce Mediation

Steps to working with a divorce mediation firm to create a divorce agreement

libertyville divorce mediation

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Going through a divorce can be messy and stressful if things are not handled properly. Although many people normally drag each other to court, working with an experienced divorce mediation mediator is always the best option as it helps reduce the impact of the entire process while making it easier for the couple to separate amicably. Opting for Libertyville divorce mediation can help the overwhelming effects of this life-changing decision while at the same time making the process shorter and less stressful for both of you and others affected by the same.

Divorce mediation is designed to create an innovative settlement with minimal hassles. Working with a skilful and reliable attorney will help discuss viable solutions as opposed to the creation of barriers within the family. During the divorce meditation process, the couple normally meets privately with their divorce mediator, who serves as a mediator. The main aim is to help couples come up with long-term solutions that will not only help deal with the issues at hand but also offer a secure future for all.

Stages of a successful Libertyville divorce mediation

Introductory stage

This stage allows for both the couple and the mediator to lay a foundation that will govern the entire process. During this stage, the couple should provide the mediator with sufficient information concerning their situation and then the mediator will outline the ‘ground rules’ on how the mediation process will be conducted. The mediator will help assess issues on which you both agree and/or disagree on thus helping you come up with an agenda for the following stages.

Information gathering stage

Libertyville divorce mediation can only succeed if you and your mediator have all the information needed to drive the process forward. During this stage, legal rules will be discussed and in particular those touching on asset and debt division, how child support and custody ought to be done, how and when alimony might be ordered as well as other issues touching on taxes, health and life insurance. The mediator will request for financial documents including mortgage statements, bank statements and tax returns. This will help gather all the information and facts needed to negotiate an acceptable divorce agreement which will be legally binding.

Framing stage

During this stage the mediator seeks to help both spouses to outline their reason for wanting some specific outcomes during the settlement. The reasons are normally referred to as “needs and interests” and include goals, priorities, concerns and values. A number of issues will be evaluated including debt and property division, child support, child custody and alimony and this is done in light of interests echoed by each spouse. Framing stage sessions can be conducted individually or jointly based on the mediator’s wisdom.

Negotiation stage

After the framing stage, the mediator will then seek to help the couple negotiate a settlement that is acceptable based on the interests and issues raised during the framing stage. Different options will be discussed with the help of the Libertyville divorce mediation attorney as the involved parties seek to narrow down on the best options available. Compromise and concessions are essential at this stage and from both parties.

Concluding stage

During the concluding stage, the mediator puts down a tentative settlement agreement which is then circulated to each spouse for review. The review process can be done with the help of any advisers. In case the issues outlined in the tentative settlement agreement aren’t challenged, then the mediator will prepare a memorandum summarizing the settlement which the spouses should sign before leaving the mediation session. This memorandum is normally used as a foundation for preparing the final, formal settlement agreement which will then be filed with the divorce court as an element of the now-unchallenged divorce case.

Libertyville divorce mediation firm normally prepares a well written settlement agreement which is then filed in court. This agreement should be studied carefully before putting down your signature to ensure that it highlights everything as has been agreed during the above sessions.

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