Libertyville Divorce Mediation

Why Libertyville Divorce Mediation Is the Best Option When Seeking To End Your Marriage

libertyville divorce mediatorEven though everyone wishes to have a good cordial relationship with their spouse, sometimes the marriage fail to work due to a number of reasons. In the event your marriage has broken down and there is a possibility of separation or divorce, the best way to end your marriage amicably and in a friendly manner is by using Libertyville divorce mediation.

A professional Libertyville divorce mediator will assist both you and your spouse reach an agreement that is of mutual satisfaction without having to undergo through emotional drama, intrigues, nasty experiences and revelations that usually accompany a divorce case.

Tailor Made Solutions

Unlike judges who have are guided by law, your Libertyville divorce mediation expert will assist both you and your spouse come up with tailor made solutions that fit your situation. The mediator will first meet you and your spouse separately to find out the underlying issues and wishes of both parties and them begin the process of resolving differences so as both parties come to a mutual agreement.

By using a Libertyville divorce mediator, you will not have any adversarial or negative feelings towards your spouse resulting in a warm and friendly post divorce relationship. This is in contrast with the competitive nature of divorce attorneys who will do everything they can to ensure their clients win the divorce cases leading to animosity, grudges and hatred between you and your spouse.

Gives Greater Protection to Your Children

No one would like to subject their children to the unfriendly nature of the divorce process as your children will have to be interviewed by several parties, be forced to appear in court and worse of all, and have to choose one parent over the other during custody proceedings. This experience is not only traumatizing to children, but can lead to long term emotional and psychological effects.

The best way to keep your children out of your divorce process is by using the best Libertyville divorce mediation professional as they will educate you on the best way to keep you children out of the process.

Moreover, the friendly nature of divorce mediation also makes it easier for the children to understand what is going on as your mediator will know the best possible way to inform them of your impending separation. Through mediation, you and your spouse will come up with the best solution on custody and future of your children.

More Flexibility and Personal Attention

Your Libertyville divorce mediator will be very flexible and will only meet you when it is most appropriate. This is unlike divorce proceedings where you are issued with summons or even subpoenaed. The goals of the mediator is to ensure you are as comfortable as possible and will even hold parallel meetings with you if you do not want to be in the same room with your spouse.

Using Libertyville divorce mediation will give you the opportunity to speak and be heard as the mediator will take their time to know your opinions, feelings and views so as to be able to explore a variety of options for you and your spouse. Judges and divorce attorneys work on a tight schedule and have no time to know you on a personal level.

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