Wilmette Divorce Mediation

About Wilmette Divorce Mediation Services

Divorce mediation or arbitration is an alternative to court litigation. It helps spouses reach an agreement on how to deal with important issues like spousal support, child support and child visitation among others. During the process of mediation, spouses who want to end their marriage meet with an attorney and a court appointed arbitrator. By opting to dissolve their union through Wilmette Divorce Mediation individuals can resolve the issues they have about their disunion and reach a satisfactory settlement.

The mediator is a neutral party and does not coerce divorcing spouses to agree on anything. He or she plays the role of an intermediary who assists spouses to reach an agreement. An arbitrator can only offer suggestions. By working with an arbitrator, spouses who are ending their union can save money and time because the mediation process is faster than divorce litigation.

Divorce arbitration is fair to both spouses since the arbitrator is not personally interested in the outcome. Since he or she is objective, a mediator can see solutions that divorcing spouses may not. The arbitration process is also a private affair and any notes taken by the mediator are later discarded. This process also minimizes the steps that spouses go through to break their union.

The arbitrator provides divorcing spouses with the important information they should know about ending their marriage. This information is exchanged freely and openly and this allows both parties in to confidently negotiate with each other. Couples who are divorcing are able to reach a mutually beneficial settlement because they work with the same information.

If you are a victim of domestic violence, you can meet with the arbitrator separately. You can also bring along another person to support you in cases of domestic violence. Arbitration keeps you and your partner in control of your disunion. This can make it easy for you to recover from the stress associated with dissolving a marriage and move on with your life normally.

Since divorce mediation is voluntary, you can pull out from the process if you want. Research studies show that spouses who go through the arbitration process instead of the filing for divorce in court are more likely to reach a satisfactory settlement. They usually spend less money and time and do not go to court later to settle disagreements. About 50 to 80 percent of couples who opt for arbitration reach an agreement.

In general, agreements that are mediated are more comprehensive when compared to the settlements reached in the adversarial court system. In addition, mediation brings about more joint legal custody when compared to the adversarial process. Most spouses who go through arbitration comply with agreements like spousal and child support payments, parenting schedules and completing the process of dividing property.

After they opt for Wilmette Divorce Mediation dwellers should make sure that they get a reputable mediator. They should also find out if the mediator will require a retainer and how much he or she will charge them. It is also important for divorcing spouses to inquire about the experience the mediator has. Another thing to ask about is whether he or she is able to help them resolve the issues of their breakup and what steps the couple will take after reaching an agreement.

Wilmette Divorce Mediation with CEL and Associates Can Help You End Your Marriage Peacefully and More Affordably