Divorce Mediator in Chicago Explains Importance of Openness

A divorce mediator in Chicago can provide tips and strategies that can help a divorcing couple reach an amicable settlement.  Being open to the idea of mediation is key to its success.  Some specific recommendations that a divorce mediator in Chicago may make include:

Do not Take It Personally 

While divorce involves the ending of a personal relationship, the decisions made during this process are more business-like in nature.  A mediator can help the parties realistically evaluate and divide their property.  Additionally, he or she can discuss financial support matters.  The parties should try to avoid attaching emotion to these decisions or perceive suggestions by the mediator as insults.  These matters often have more to do with a person’s budget and financial considerations.  Other issues like creating a parenting plan and determining how to divide parenting time may be handled in a similar fashion.  Often during the process of mediation, momentum builds and the parties are able to move closer in their positions, even if not ultimately resolving everything.

Be Nice 

Most negotiations are not positively affected when one party gets loud, rude, aggressive or angry.  However, when one party extends respect and courtesy, there is often positive traction in the process.  One party may make a concession and then the other party may do so on another issue.  Instead of trying to punish or hurt the other party, focus on the benefits of mediation.  Mediation can result in the beginning of a positive co-parenting relationship, a fair distribution of property and the avoidance of the expense and time of trial.

Keep an Open Mind 

Sometimes parties may have preconceptions about the result that should be reached in mediation.  However, clinging to this ideal may prevent a party from considering other options or winding up with an agreement that will really work better for their family.  Be willing to listen to the other side and the mediator’s feedback.