Chicago Divorce Mediator

What’s it Like Working With A Chicago Divorce Mediator?

Divorce mediation is gradually in popularity with Chicago residents.  And why not? It’s a much easier, less stressful process then dragging your case through divorce court. Apart from being easier on kids, getting an experienced Chicago divorce mediator comes with a number of inevitable benefits. In most cases, a couple is faced with two options of either making the case legal by having a judge to make decisions, or get a mediator to help resolve your conflicts. More than 98% of marriage conflict victims have however, confirmed the effectiveness of using a divorce mediator over using a divorce lawyer.

How Sessions with a Chicago Divorce Mediator Work

Basically, mediation is a process that helps a couple resolve marriage conflicts and come to an agreement, and the decision remains with the parties. During the process, a neutral mediator from a reputable company is supposed to facilitate the process enabling the couple to arrive at a mutual acceptance agreement. Despite being used in other conflicts, Mediation is more applicable in the context of family disputes and divorce conflicts. However, this process works if both spouses are honest in disclosing all records, facts, and any documents that will ensure a fair agreement. If there is any disclosure issues, then an experienced Chicago divorce mediator should implement measures that will ensure full disclosure, or terminate the mediation if disclosure issues persist.

Benefits of using Chicago divorce mediatior services over using a divorce lawyer


When a couple engages a divorce mediator, then their information is as well as ‘private and confidential’. The mediator is not at any case supposed to divulge any information told to him/her by either spouse to the other party or any other person without the consent of the spouse. On the other hand, when dealing with a divorce lawyer, you ought to disclose personal information to the lawyer, judge and those in the court room.

Custody of your children

In case a couple fails to come to an agreement of living together, then they must agree on the fate of their children. Typically, a divorce mediator will ensure that the interest of the children is given the first priority and checked on. A mediator must ensure that both parents frequently and regularly get contact with their kids. A mediator will also try to ensure there is a positive environment for the children, where both parties are flexible, and most importantly respect each other. In the case of using a divorce lawyer, then you must get ready to abide with the decisions made, or rather dictated by the judge and stay with them.

Less time & cost consuming

When compared with a divorce lawyer, using a Chicago divorce mediator will be less costly and less time taking. You may agree with the mediator to discuss the matter at your own free time on appointment, but in a court setting, you ought to adhere with their schedule. Using a mediator might cost you approximately $5,000, but in a litigated divorce the cost might be three times high.

With the number of mediators in Chicago increasing every day, getting the ideal one might be a bit hectic. A couple is however advised to do a comprehensive research concerning the best Chicago divorce mediator professionals prior to starting work with one. You can get recommendations from couples who had similar challenges, or utilize online platforms to get ideas.

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