Cook County Divorce Mediators

How Cook County Divorce Mediators can Help You

Thinking it’s time for Cook County Divorce Mediators? In the beginning when you separate from your spouse, it may seem like nobody is winning. The person you fell in love with is no longer who you want to be with and now it’s time to move on. During the separation, it can be difficult to know how to handle the situation and many people want to go to court to separate the assets, fight for custody of the children and other matters now that they’re no longer with the person.

The problem is that going to Cook County divorce court isn’t always the best option. When you take your former husband or wife to court to duke it out over the money and children you’ve shared for years, it can get real ugly real quick. The legal battle can last weeks or months and you may not even get the outcome that you were hoping for. If your ex has more money to hire a high-priced lawyer to handle the divorce proceedings, you may end up paying hefty alimony checks as well as child support. The best option to keep everything as civil as possible is to go through mediation and Cook County Divorce Mediators can help you through the process.

How does Mediation Work?

In short, divorce mediation is when you and your former spouse come to an agreement on what is best for the both of you as well as your children. You’ll meet with a third party who can mediate the terms of the divorce and can keep you both level-headed through the process. The Cook County mediator will see both sides of the divorce from a completely neutral standpoint in order for both parties to come out of the situation as best as possible.

While working with divorce mediators, the following issues will be discussed to decide what’s best:

  • Property – houses, land and businesses
  • Custody – This may be the most important part of the mediation. You’ll discuss what’s best for the children and which parent should have the child or children for the majority of the time. It’s important to remember that this isn’t about the money, but what will be best for the children. Things to factor in are the school districts and the stability of the living environment.
  • Child Support – Child support doesn’t have to be the awful situation that people believe it is. The primary custodial parent will receive custody, so it can be the man or the woman. This is based off of a percentage of what the non-custodial parent makes in order to support the child when they are with the primary custodial parent.
  • Retirement
  • Taxes

The mediator’s goal is to keep both parties as civil as possible and try to have each person empathize with one another. Another key part of the Cook County divorce mediators process is brainstorming. The mediator will toss around ideas and you both will be encouraged to do the same. Through this process you may both find something you are willing to agree on so neither person feels like they’re not getting the good end of the deal. There are some instances where mediation isn’t an option though, and these can include physical or verbal abuse as well as substance abuse.

Cook County Divorce Mediators at CEL and Associates Can Save You Time and Money