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Let the Divorce Mediators of Buffalo Grove make your divorce quick and easy.

Divorce is never easy. That’s why many divorcing couples in Buffalo Grove are using divorce mediators to smooth out the process. Divorce mediators are professionals who work with a divorcing couple to help them work out the terms of their divorce. Divorce mediators Buffalo Grove professionals do this by helping the couple to identify the issues they need resolving and working with them to resolve the issues.

For years, CEL and Associates team of divorce mediators in Buffalo Grove has been working with couples like you make divorce easier. Read what a couple of their clients have said about the results they have realized using their divorce mediation services.

Where was mediation when I got divorced. I recall spending a lot of money. When my ex-husband and I started to argue about child support, I almost gave in to what he wanted knowing that i couldn’t afford the cost of court and that he could. I read about mediation in a magazine and gave Brian a call. After we met with him one time for three hours, we had a new agreement worked out that we were both comfortable with. I couldn’t believe it. Three hours in mediation and fifteen minutes in court and we were done.

Delia – 1/5/2007

How Divorce Mediators Work

When two people are upset it’s only natural they would want to fight. Everyone is on the defense. You put up your guards and worry about how to protect yourself. Then when people hire opposing divorce lawyers, they continue this fight. It’s no wonder that the average traditional divorce runs $10,000 or higher in cost.

There really is no need to fight. When a couple agrees to work with a divorce mediator they guide them through the process of creating a divorce agreement. Naturally a couple must decide how to divide their assets when they divorce. Divorce mediators help couples work through the items that need to be addressed like child support, visitation, division of assets, financials, health insurance, and more.

For the items couples can’t agree on, the divorce mediators help the couple negotiate a compromise. Each side shares their concerns. They listen to each other. Then the divorce mediators help you discover a solution that meets everyone’s needs.

This process is simple. It’s fast. And it’s way more affordable then a traditional divorce. No wonder many individuals are using mediation instead of a traditional divorce.

The Many Benefits of Divorce Mediators in Buffalo Grove Includes:

  • getting through the divorce process more peacefully
  • creating decisions that are win/win
  • ensuring that decisions made keep the children’s benefit in mind
  • developing the completed divorce agreement in just a few short mediation sessions
  • saving thousands of dollars on the final cost of the divorce
  • ending the process of divorce sooner so both of you can move on

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