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divorce mediators chicagoTop 7 Reasons to Choose Divorce Mediators Chicago Illinois Professionals

Want a fast, friendly divorce? Let the divorce mediators Chicago professionals help you!

More couples are choosing divorce mediation to settle their divorce terms.

Here are 7 Reasons Why Individuals Are Choosing To Work with Divorce Mediators Chicago.

1) Shorter Divorce Process: Hiring divorce mediators in Chicago means your divorce will end sooner. A traditional divorce can take months. When you are ready to call your marriage “quits” you don’t want to drag it out. Often just a few short sessions with divorce mediators and you can get all your divorce terms mapped out.

2) More Privacy: Divorce mediation is a private confidential process that happens behind closed doors. What happens in mediation stays in mediation. Versus a traditional divorce court process that may ask you to reveal private details of your situation in court. That can become public record.

3) Kid-Friendly Divorce: Divorce mediators are trained to remind you of the “big picture” when you make decisions. That includes making sure that you are planning for what’s best for your children. Plus divorce mediators help the couple learn to communicate better. They learn effective listening skills that will help them post divorce when they need to co-parent the children.

4) Save Money: The cost of a traditional support may surprise you. According to a recent Forbes Magazine article the “average” cost of a divorce can run between $15,000 and $30,000. Alternatively, the cost of using divorce mediators for a divorce ran around $5,000 to $10,000. That’s a huge cost savings for Chicago, Illinois couples who choose the route of divorce mediation.

5) More Fair Divorce Terms: Lawyers will encourage you to ask for everything and fight over who gets what. And if the matter goes to court and a judge decided, the decision may cost you dearly. In contrary, a divorce mediators session encourages couples to create fair terms that benefit them both. Working together as a couple to cooperate, decide what’s best, and create win/win terms offers a fair agreement.

6) Peaceful: There’s a lot of hurt, anger, and frustration at the end of a marriage. All you may want to do is scream at each other. Having divorce mediators to help you calmly navigate through the issues at hand makes the process more peaceful. Through a guided negotiation process couples create divorce terms for everything from finances, assets, and how to handle child visitation. Less stress means you can end your marriage on better terms.

7) Communication Skills: Divorce mediators help Chicago couples stop fighting and start listening. Couples take turns sharing their side of the matter. Each is encouraged to listen to the other. Then with the help of divorce mediators they can think outside the box to find solutions. The communication skills gained will help the spouses post divorce with family issues that arise and in other areas of life.

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