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Call CEL and Associates! Maybe you have caught your spouse having an affair. Maybe you have grown apart. Sadly if your marriage has come to an end, it may be time to file for divorce. But it doesn’t have to be the bitter battle that you see on tv and the movies. The CEL and Associates divorce mediators Milwaukee professionals have helped hundreds of couples just like you seek divorce in a peaceful, amicable way.

Experience Divorce the Easy Way Using Divorce Mediators Milwaukee

What makes most divorces difficult and expensive is the fighting. When both spouses are upset and have their opposing lawyers fighting it out it is costly. It makes the divorce process long and exhausting. In the end when it’s over you have to pick up the pieces and move on. However, when partners can agree to work together to resolve divorce issues the process can be quick and easy. Divorce mediators help people to put their differences aside and work towards a common goal.

The Process that Divorce Mediators Use

When a couple chooses to work with divorce mediators they set up a few sessions to meet. In the divorce mediation session, the couple is led to make a list of the issues they need to make agreements upon. This may include division of assets, child visitation, child support and other items. With the help of the divorce mediator, they work through the list to create agreements. On items in disagreement, the mediators help the couple to come to a compromise. Each side shares their thoughts and listens to the other. Creative solutions are brainstormed. Then the issue is negotiated until a solution is born that everyone can agree to.

Advantages of Using Divorce Mediators Versus Divorce Lawyers

One advantage of using divorce mediators is the cost savings. Often a divorce can be mediated and the complete divorce agreement drafted in just a few sessions. On the other hand, using divorce lawyers can land you a bill of thousands of dollars. Another benefit is you can process your divorce quickly. After the divorce mediator helps you draft a divorce agreement and parenting agreement, these documents can be presented in court.

Divorce Mediators Make Divorce More Kid Friendly

Having a third party to facilitate helps ensure that you are looking at the bigger picture when you make decisions. Divorce mediators can help you see how decisions affect the kids and long term affects. The less fighting and damage to the kids, the easier the recovery for the entire family post divorce.

Read what one client said about how CEL and Associates made their divorce easier on their children.

“I would recommend Brian for anyone with kids. He helps us with what to say to our children about the divorce and our moving apart. He even took the time to role play with us and pose questions that our kids might ask. I was most impressed that he called my husband the day after we told the kids to see how it went”.
Ellie – 4/12/2009

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