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Looking for divorce mediators in Walworth you can depend on?

Perhaps your husband or wife was caught cheating on you. Or it could be that as time passed in your marriage you found yourself moving in different directions. Or maybe you are just tired of the fighting. Whatever the reason you have decided it’s time to file for a divorce. The good news is that divorce doesn’t have to be a ugly expensive fight. You can divorce peacefully! For years CEL and Associates divorce mediators Walworth team has assisted individuals to make their divorces quick and easy.

Try Divorce the Simple Way With the Divorce Mediators Team in Walworth

The tough thing about divorce is when couples fight. And using lawyers to fight back and forth runs up your bill pretty quickly. That can make a divorce draw out for months. Then after the divorce is finalized, you have to find a way to begin your new life. It’s an exhausting process on many levels. That’s why many couples are asking if there is an easier way.

How Mediation with Divorce Mediators Works for Walworth Couples

After you and your spouse decide to work together on the divorce, you can set up a session to meet with the divorce mediator. The mediator helps to identify what issues need to be addresses. Typical divorce terms will decide who gets the house and car, a child visitation schedule, support (if any) and other issues. Then the divorce mediators find what terms you agree on and which ones are causing conflict. This is where the magic of mediation comes in. Divorce mediators are highly skilled negotiators. They work with the couple to hear everyone’s concerns, brainstorm solutions, and find agreements that are win/win. Having someone neutral to help a couple talk through things makes the process much easier. Then the final divorce terms are drafted into a divorce agreement and parenting agreement that can be presented in court.

Benefits of Using Divorce Mediators Instead of Divorce Lawyers

Couples will save thousands of dollars by going the divorce mediators route. Usually divorce mediation can run you a thousands of dollars less then using lawyers. Additionally, mediators work so fast, that you can have your divorce finalized quickly and move on with your life.

Helping Kids Get Through Divorce Easier Is Top Priority for Divorce Mediators Walworth Professionals

When someone is upset, it’s hard to think clearly. And to think of how decisions will affect your future may be difficult. That’s why having a neutral third party to objectively help you examine the effects of your decisions is important. They can help you see all sides. They can help you see how it will affect your children. They can help you learn to communicate about issues without fighting. All this helps to reduce the negative affect on the children.

Testimonials say it best. Read what one parent said about how CEL and Associates made their divorce easier on their kids.

“I would recommend Brian for anyone with kids. He helps us with what to say to our children about the divorce and our moving apart. He even took the time to role play with us and pose questions that our kids might ask. I was most impressed that he called my husband the day after we told the kids to see how it went”.

Ellie – 4/12/2009

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The divorce mediators at CEL and Associates are happy to assist in making your divorce fast and friendly. Call Brian James and the divorce mediators Walworth team at CEL and Associates at 866-922-4733 to request a free consultation. We can schedule a meeting at the divorce mediators office most conveniently located for you.

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