Low Cost Divorce Dupage County

Low Cost Divorce DuPage County

low cost divorce dupage countyToday, with a lawyer, a standard divorce can range anywhere between one and eight thousand dollars. This depends on how much money it takes to develop an agreement on belongings, parenting arrangements,  and developing a suitable custody agreement.

However, low cost divorce Dupage County options are available that help people can get around these costs. The first way to get around these costs would be to file a divorce complaint per se. This can be done by visiting the local courthouse and filling out their divorce packet. There are usually two to three different packets; these depend on the time of separation. The cost is usually under two hundred dollars. In many cases, people can get this fee waived if they do not make a lot of money; this would be through the forma pauperis initiative. This is the low cost divorce option available to everyone in DuPage County Illinois.

The next way to get around this is by hiring a mediation firm. Mediation helps in many ways. First, mediation will help the two individuals get along even if they hate each other. This is done by letting them sort out all of their differences in person in front of a mediator in a peaceful manner. Mediation also helps because hiring a mediation firm is a lot less than hiring a lawyer. A mediation firm will be responsible for putting together a agreement between the parties and having it presented in court. The mediation firm will instruct the parties on how to file a divorce complaint the cheapest way possible.

Divorce mediation firms are skilled in dealing with divorces between two people who are ready and willing to get divorced. A mediator will be able to make sure everything is in writing before the parties are officially divorced. The mediator will also schedule the parties to come back before him/her approximately ninety days after the divorce is final. This is so that the mediator can see how things are going and if anything needs to be adjusted, especially the custody schedule.

These low cost divorce Dupage County mediation firms help people get the best low cost divorce Dupage County services. Many companies have pricing that is quite reasonable with payment plans available. These payment plans go according to the salary of both clients, and both clients can split the overall cost, which will make the mediation even cheaper.

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